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Investing in Your Hereafter: How to Give a Lot With Less

Zishan Khan 4 Min Read

What is the best investment? Is it stocks, shares, real estate, or cryptocurrency? No! The best return on investment is derived from Sadaqah.

The perennially exorbitant cost of living in the dunya

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 27 Min Read

Shaykh Ali Hammuda discusses the ongoing cost of living crisis and how it is proof that this world was never meant to be easy.

What is the best charity in Islam?

Umer Suleman 30 Min Read

In this piece, Umer Suleman looks at what charity is to Muslims, why we're so charitable, and the best ways to give charity as prescribed by Islam.

This is why 🇬🇧 £1 is currently 🇵🇰 Rs. 333!

Ehsan Latif 6 Min Read

Pakistan's economy is in dire straits, with a single British pound buying 🇵🇰 Rs. 333; Ehsan Latif explains why THIS is happening.

Turkey’s Economic Problems Will Give Conservative Muslims Another PR Challenge

Ustadh Wahid Azizi 22 Min Read

Ustadh Wahid Azizi offers some thoughts with respect to the depreciation of the Turkish lira.

Is Bitcoin Halal? A Masterclass Decrypting Cryptocurrency

Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar 109 Min Read

This article captures an interview organised by the Islamic Council of Europe (ICE) with Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar, one of its Standing Shariah Committee members on the topic of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and