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At least 13 Palestinians killed and 20 injured in Zionist air raid

After the latest attacks on the people of Gaza, at least 13 have tragically been killed and a further 20 injured in a series of airstrikes carried out by Zionist mercenaries.

The Hajj Riders Are Back

When it was being discussed in WhatsApp groups, it only seemed like a great idea. Now, the daunting dream has materialised into reality...

Has the Time Not Come for Muslims to Unite?

The time has come for all Islamically inclined people—preachers, scholars, and all others working towards the interests of the Ummah and Allah’s Law—to realise that the real battle is the conflict between kufr and Islam.

The tectonic shift in sentiment against ‘Israel’

Narrative, politics, media, international relations, celebrity solidarity, social media, business, technology...Nashir ibn Hussain charts the various humiliations the terror state faced on the global stage after its latest senseless massacre of Palestinians.

The Unholy Money Defiling the Beautiful Game

Tonight will see two Premier League teams compete for football’s greatest European prize: the Champions League trophy. There will, however, be little discussion about football’s dirty secret; the unholy money washing through the beautiful game.

Palestine: The Work Begins NOW | Unscripted #82 with Ismail Patel

Dr Salman is joined by the veteran activist and advocate Sh Ismail Patel from Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) for an enlightening and empowering conversation about reclaiming the discourse on Palestine.

Ramadān: the Month of Heroes & Victory

Ramadan is not only famous for fasting but for victories that changed the course of history.

Decades On: the Shameful Legacy of the Nakba Continues

The world's last remaining racist European colony in the Middle East turns 74 years old.

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Shaikh Haitham: From New Zealand to Gaza—Terrorism Against Muslims

Shaikh Haitham's message regarding the New Zealand Terrorist Attack

Don’t blame Israel for killing children, it’s not their fault.

A unified western media wave has been declaring to the public that somehow it is Hamas who is to blame for Israel’s targeted killing of civilians