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The exemplary family life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Looking to elevate your family life by going on a special break? Consider a trip to Turkey this year, as organised by Family Retreats International.

Advertorial Editorials Latest 7 Min Read

How Muslim families can build Jannah while having fun!

Family Retreats International is gearing up to host its next retreat in Turkey this October; will you be there?

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Sha’bān: A Month Not to Be Neglected

Sha’bān is a month which many people neglect. Imagine when Allāh looks at His creation during this time, only a few humans are engaging in worship... and you're one of them!

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Bring a Project into your Marriage

May this be the beginning of something great for you and your spouse.

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Love for your Brother

Do you truly love for your brother what you love for yourself?

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The Dua of Those Grounded in Knowledge

Consider this dua carefully, for you may never look at the mercy of Allāh in the same way again...

7 Key Ingredients to a Healthy Marriage

Key essentials that husbands and wives need from each other

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Gifted with Cancer

The Legacy of Ali Banat (rahimahullāh)

A roadmap to paradise from one verse of the Qur’an

Focus on these ten qualities to get to Paradise

The Story of Saba

A people who made the strangest of du'as...