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Schools must show parents all RSE materials, says Education Secretary

We welcome the move by Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, telling school heads that they must make all RSE learning resources available to parents and guardians.

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We must fight for transparency from primary schools

We must understand the differences between statutory and non-statutory government guidance, when challenging our primary schools on inappropriate RSE.

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This ‘gay’ article is going to get me cancelled

We must understand the difference between values positions and universal truths, when it comes to 'LGBTQ+' words and phrases.

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5 ways YOU can fight back against school ‘LGBTQ+’ agendas

As the first full week of LGBT History Months comes to a close, check out these 5 easy ways you can fight back against your school's LGBT agenda.

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Japan PM aide fired over fair anti-LGBT comments

A Japanese government aide has been sacked after making candid anti-LGBT remarks, why are they being unfairly villianised?

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Scotland takes damaging step in passing gender reform bill

The Scottish parliament has voted to allow people as young as 16 to apply for a sex change without a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

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Prince Messi in the Scandalous Bisht

One individual was dressed, while an entire non-Muslim belief system was stripped bare, as Lionel Messi was gifted the bisht.

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What the Muslim adulation of Jordan Peterson says about us

Zimarina Sarwar looks at whether we as Muslims are making a mistake by heaping praise on Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Relationships & Sex Education: Taking Back Control

Statutory RSE in schools is a new opportunity to take back control, argues one educationalist and parent.