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Suspects quizzed over abhorrent destruction of historic tree

The iconic Sycamore Gap Tree situated near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland has been criminally felled.

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Darwin’s biggest critics are evolutionary biologists

Far from popular belief, the biggest critics of Darwin's theory of evolution are in fact other evolutionary biologists, writes Subboor Ahmad

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State of Nature: Rousseau & Ibn Taymiyya

Is man inherently good? What drives man to commit evil acts? Is man corrupt from birth?

A Contract Every One of us Signed

Man oscillates between preoccupation, entertainment, beautification and competition, working harder in pursuit of comfort and growing older in pursuit of life. If without an ultimate purpose, man works in pursuit of continuity of life, then lives in pursuit of continuity of work. Without an ultimate purpose, he wanders in circles,

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Am I a Convert or a Revert?

I used to want to be called a ‘revert’ not a ‘convert’ to Islam, but stop the press, it is at last conclusive, I am actually a convert. I think the reasoning on this minor issue of semantics is probably widespread; I am unaware of another genuine argument beyond the