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Union of Muslim Scholars: Supporting Palestine duty on all Muslims

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: “It is the duty of all Muslims to support the Palestinian people with everything they have been given.”

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Petitions slamming Israel picking up support

Petitions are calling for restrictions to be imposed on Israel for “violations of human rights and international law”. Whilst Israeli Supreme Court and lawmakers work to give IDF more leeway…

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UK Gov Apologises for role in kidnap & torture after six years of denial

After wasting more than £750,000 of tax-payer money defending itself, the UK Government this week finally admitted their complicity in kidnap and torture, and apologised for their “appalling” treatment

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Torture on US soil exposed for the first time in shocking CAGE report

The story of Ali al-Marri is in fact an inspiring one considering his relationship with the Qur’ān during prolonged periods of torture and solitary confinement—designed to break people—is what saved his sanity and indeed his life.

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Afghan Massacre – statement from the Muslim Scholars Association

"This massacre and the targeting of the carriers of the Holy Qur’ān, the Scholars, and the Callers to Islām, come in the context of successive violation against the Muslims..."

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National Union of Teachers Unanimously Vote Against Ofsted’s Hijāb Stance

The National Union of Teachers (“NUT”), part of the UK’s largest teachers’ union, held their annual conference over the weekend, covering a wide-range of topics from pay scales to Ofsted policy. Amongst the important topics discussed was a unified voice of condemnation of Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Speilman’s instruction to

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Good news: undercover “investigations” against Muslims are beyond silly now

Last night's Dispatches "investigation" had many disappointed, who were expecting something needing a serious rebuttal

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State of Emergency Declared in Sri Lanka as Muslims are Targeted

The government of Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency following mob attacks on Muslim homes, businesses and masājid this week. Soldiers and extra police have been deployed for a period of at least 10 days with the hope that the violence will be brought to an end, although

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United Nations: Yemen war “catastrophic”

The ongoing war in Yemen has left over 22 million people, 85% of the population, in desperate need of aid and facing catastrophic conditions...

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Paul Moore appears in court for largely unreported anti-Muslim attack on Zaynab Hussein

“He said he was proud of himself and was doing the country a favour.” But you have probably never heard of it...