One God Many Names | Al-Ahad (The Only One)

The fact that the name al-Aḥad only features once in the Qur’an may, in the estimation of some, render it to be of lesser importance in comparison to other names of Allah

One God Many Names | Al-ʿAzīz (The Mighty)

A life with al-ʿAzīz renders the believer strong, even if bound to a wheelchair, and rich, even if poverty stricken, and free, even if shackled in chains, and a living legend even if put to the sword.

One God Many Names | Al-Haqq (The Absolute Truth)

For Allah, the destruction of the whole world in its entirety is lesser in severity to Him than failing in any one of His promises.

One God Many Names | Al-Samad (The Everlasting Refuge)

With Al-Ṣamad is the solution to every challenge, the key to every lock, and the lifeline to all those who brush with death.

One God Many Names | Al-Rahmān Al-Rahīm (The Merciful)

Al-Raḥmān wishes to share His Mercy, as He does every second of the day. It is man, however, who—at times—refuses to be a full recipient of it through the choices he makes.

One God Many Names | Al-Nasīr (The Granter Of Victory)

When things do not conform to plan, we feel that we have been abandoned and that the promises of aid missed us. Far from abandonment, the ‘delay’ in aid could be because the threshold of effort that Allāh expects is yet to be reached, although one may be only a

One God Many Names | Al-Latīf (The Ever Subtle)

Your small boat may be able to take you to the edge of an ocean, but it cannot make you sail through it. Similarly, your mind may guide you to the Oneness of Allāh, but never will it be able to fully encompass His wisdom and endless subtleties upon you.

One God Many Names | Al-Qarīb (The Near)

Cast aside every weak and helpless mortal and instead cast your eyes towards the Maker of them all.

One God Many Names | Al-Karim (The Generous)

Realise who you are: a dignified human being and a servant of Al-Karīm, a name of which one of the meanings is the Honoured One.

One God Many Names | Al-Halīm (The Forbearing)

“O Ḥalīm, you have been so forbearing towards me. Never deprive me of it, for my life cannot function for a single second without it.”