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Should Muslims Sing “God Save the King”?

Sheikh Shaqur Rehman 14 Min Read

Muslims shouldn't feel compelled to honour the monarchy.

An Open Invitation to Jordan Peterson and the People of the Book

Dr. Najmuddin Hasan 14 Min Read

The only insurmountable chasm within mankind, is between those those who recognize God and are grateful to Him and those who deny (lie) and live in delusion.

My Same-Sex Attraction: Understanding & Healing

Ali Jaffery 17 Min Read

“Why doesn’t Allah take these feelings away?” Ali Jeffry shares his personal story of understanding and recovering from unwanted same-sex attraction.

Four Friends the Ghurabā’ (Strangers) Need

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 16 Min Read

Are you an 'enlightened ally' or a 'backwards' stranger?

Refugee Crisis: the Islamic Approach

Fahad Ansari 20 Min Read

This #RefugeeWeek2022 the UK Gov is trying to transport asylum seekers to Rwanda, but Fahad Ansari asks: where are the Muslim voices?

Good & Evil Are Not Equal – A Sacred Truth From the Qur’an

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 13 Min Read

Who is happier, those sneaking around in haram relationships or those who declare their commitment before Allah and their community? This Quranic maxim applies to income, relationships, and so much more...