Taqwā In The Last 10 Nights

Shaikh Sajid Umar delivers a pertinent reminder on the final push in these last few days of the blessed month of Ramadān...

Hundreds of Mosques Continue Evening Prayers After Ramadan

Following the success and popularity of the tarāwīh prayers during Ramadān this year, Islam21c has learnt that hundreds of mosques across the country will in fact be continuing to hold similar congregational prayers at night...

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Ramadan was a reflection of who you really are

  All praise be to Allāh and may our salāh and salām be upon the Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam). It is sad to see just how easily we can slip back into our normal lifestyles now that Ramadān has finished. The bad habits that were stamped out during