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Government review of Prevent – a farcical waste of taxpayers’ money

William Shawcross has finally stumbled over the line by releasing his "independent review" into Prevent. We cut through the noise.

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People’s Review of Prevent launches independent platform as Shawcross review begins

Prevent Watch is calling for evidence from all those who have experienced Prevent but who do not feel safe to speak about it, or who have conscientiously objected to the Shawcross review.

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Counter Terrorism officers “blame Qur’an for terrorism” says family

The widely discredited Prevent scheme reached a new low recently, with officers allegedly showing open disdain for the Qur’ān and the basic tenets of Islām...

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Prevent strategy is ‘built on a foundation of Islamophobia and racism’

According to a new report, the Prevent strategy is "built on a foundation of Islamophobia and racism". The report also states that the strategy is "ineffective and counterproductive" and should be repealed. Prevent is one of the four stands of the government's counter-terrorism strategy which is known as ‘contest’. ‘JUST

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Is Radicalisation Real? – Big Discussion Panel – Coming Soon

- Click here to view this BIG Discussion - The Muslim community has been diagnosed with the problem of “radicalisation” by those outside of it, with David Cameron calling it “the greatest struggle of our generation.” But is it real? This panel will explore and critique the unstated presumptions of the

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Report Launch: Prevent Policy Further Discredited

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPcJLg1WztQ Prevent is a failed policy. It has been derided by academics, teaching unions, students, police officers, and teachers. Many mosques have spoken out against it and there has been a groundswell of opposition to it within the Muslim community. The many cases recorded by Prevent Watch have brought to