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Ramadan Quiz

Are You Ready for Ramadan? Try your hand at our Quiz and tell us what score you got.

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Reflecting on the Hajj: 2009

When you come back from Hajj, the question which you are inevitably faced with is, “How was it?” The strange thing is, you can’t really answer the question even if you try. This is because the sacred journey of Hajj is without any exaggeration, the most intensely, exhausting and difficult

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Reflections from Hajj

  “Have you performed Ḥajj? Have you ever visited the House of Allāh?” It was October 1998. I was sitting in my local masjid when an elderly Tunisian man dressed in a long brown thawb with a North African hat approached me and began conversing with me. He had a

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Ramadan Feature

An Insight into Moon-sighting The start of Ramadan & the days of 'Id _______________________ _______________________ Ramadan: The Month of the Qur'an Reflections on Ramadan _______________________ _______________________ Peaking at the Last Ten Zakah al-Fitr Q&A _______________________ _______________________ Ramad-amnesia Ramadan Pointers _______________________ _______________________