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Birthday of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam)

The specifics regarding the birth of the final Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) sent to mankind have been the subject of debate between the scholars of history and Seerah for centuries. This brief treatise by Sheikh Ahmed bin 'Abdil Azeez A-Hamdaan will aim to present in a concise manner

Hajj Seasonal Reminders Theology 29 Min Read

Abraham: The Man Behind The Hajj

Muslims from the four corners of the globe flock throughout the year to the holy city of Makkah as pilgrims, however, during the month of Dhul-Hijjah, the greater pilgrimage known as Hajj consumes millions of people for a total of five days between the 8th and the 12th. The Hajj

Hajj Islamic Thought 13 Min Read

A Qur’anic Pilgrimage

Hajj, also known as the greater pilgrimage, is an amazing phenomenon which engulfs the hearts and minds of Muslims from all across the globe. It is an event which is indeed spectacular; a mass sea of human will and flesh surging along the path once traversed by Abraham (upon him

Hajj Islamic Thought 14 Min Read

Hajj: Trusting in the Promise of Allah

The Hajj season is upon us once again with millions of pilgrims preparing to don their ihraam and travel to the holy cities in search of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, striving to turn over a new leaf in their lives and come closer to their Creator. In preparation for this

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Virtues of Dhul-Hijjah Episodes 1-10

Episodes 1-10 Click on Image to Play Video and share/forward them with your contacts and Facebook friends to benefit others Also this Dhu'l-Hijjah-  Just released: 2011 interactive 'HAJJ QUIZ' with exclusive prizes sponsored by PropheticTimeline.com. Play it on islam21c- click here Episode 1: {rokbox title=|The Best Days of the Year Part 1|

Hajj Islamic Thought 8 Min Read

The Hajj: The Journey

By Him whose House the loving pilgrims visit, Responding with ihram at the appointed limit,  Uncovering their heads in total humility Before One to Whom faces bow in servility.  They exclaim in the valleys, "We have responded to You - All Praise is Yours, and Kingdom too!"  He invited and

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Eid Al Fitr Quiz

We wish you a Eid Mubarak on Sunday 19th August 2012 from the Islam21c Team. Try your hand at our Eid Al Fitr quiz.

Tarawih Recitation: A message to all Imams

Imāms should respect the Qur’ān when leading the Tarāwīḥ Prayer The greatest favour bestowed upon humanity is the revelation of the Qur’ān as it is the only way human beings can be in continuous touch with their Creator. People can easily measure their level of attachment to their Lord by

Moon Sighting Ramadan Seasonal Reminders Videos 1 Min Read

Moon-sighting: Providing a Clarification [video]

A lecture discussing moon-sighting by Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad Read the article This lecture has been divided into 7 parts. Total time is 64 mins 20 secs {tab=1} Part 1 (9 min 33 secs) {youtube}txlk4iF_3T0{/youtube} {tab=2} Part 2 (9 min 59 secs) {youtube}NYAnQTe6YXc{/youtube} {tab=3} Part 3 (9 mins 45 secs) {youtube}ac1Dkmcoidc{/youtube}

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Ramadan Quiz 2

Try your hand at our Quiz and tell us what score you got.