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Turkey-Syria Earthquakes: 4 Steps YOU Must Take NOW

Here are four key things YOU must do, for those affected by yesterday's powerful earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

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Ronaldo signs $500m two-and-half year deal with Saudi club

Cristiano Ronaldo is to net $500m in the span of two-and-a-half years after signing on with a Saudi club. What's your take on this news?

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Six lessons from the 2022 World Cup

This year's World Cup may be over, but Abid Akhtar has six incredible gems of knowledge from the Qur’ān and Sunnah that we can all benefit from!

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Qatar stands tall against the Rotten Tree

Worldwide commentators and sporting pundits are calling this World Cup and its final as "the best one ever".

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Morocco exits the World Cup but remains in the hearts of Muslims

In reaching the semi-finals at the World Cup, Morocco has touched the hearts of millions, if not billions of Muslims.

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#97 The surprising power of Muslim minorities | Yahya Birt | Unscripted 2.0

Can Muslims in the West lead the revival of Islamic civilisation? Find out in this week's Unscripted episode!

Ayaan Institute welcomes its latest report during launch event

The Ayaan Institute welcomed the release of its latest paper during an event at LMC on Friday.

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Ayaan Institute paper urges global Muslim minority co-operation

A new report by the Ayaan Institute urges world Muslim minority groups to focus on unity.

Islamic Thought Latest 8 Min Read

Shaykh al-Qaradawi’s Advice to Scholars & Preachers of the Ummah

Taken from the last pieces of advice as published in his works, Shaykh al-Qaradawi gives ten gems of advice to scholars and imams.

Uyghur Muslims – Between a Rock & a Hard Place

The Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan are forced between the ‘rock’ of Chinese communist oppression and the ‘hard place’ of being a tool of Western foreign policy, writes Dr Abdul Wahid.