Abdulbary Rasheed

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What does ISIS really want with the Yarmouk Refugee Camp?

7 Min Read

Suspicion continues to increase about this organisation that calls itself Daaish or (non) 'Islamic State'. Questions about its origins, its agenda and its financial backing only return ambiguous answers. Its skirmishes and battles in and around Syria are especially peculiar. Since its inception from nothing, from no religious or known political foundation, its main targets have been the Syrian resistance and the other factions fighting against the established brutal regime. Not long ago, ISIS threatened to carry the fight all the way to Rome. Strange then, that they never made any such threat to reach Damascus to topple the Alawite regime, despite

The futility of the anti-Islamic movement

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The anti-Islamic movement is destined for failure It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a powerful anti-Islām narrative being played in the media. I am not playing the victim card, the evidence is obvious. The Lands of Free Speech and Expression, where there are no limits on free speech and expression provided you are making a derogatory statement about Islām or Muslims, are the prime culprits. I can hear the anti-Muslim brigade inhale a collective breath in preparation for a barrage of free speech rhetoric, so I will just point at a poignant example in the recent Charlie Hebdo Killings.

Nine Steps to Jackassing a Nation

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Nine Steps to Jackassing a Nation Part 1 Weather reports are indicating that the Sahara desert is being turned into a huge ice rink. Reports suggest that it has frozen over due to the huge air waves generated by the flock of flying monkeys that have been commuting east for the winter. This has coincided with the announcement that Egyptian deposed dictator, murderer, embezzler and puppet, Hosni Mubarak has been pronounced innocent after a long, drawn-out trial in Egypt. He and his cronies were being trialled for murder and embezzlement charges, however it appears Mubarak was unable to demonstrate that