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George Floyd death: Ex-police officer charged with murder of black man amidst protests

5 Min Read

One former police officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with the murder and manslaughter of the unarmed black man in Minnesota as protests continue to take place.

Stranded Rohingya refugees arrive on remote Bengali “detention island”

3 Min Read

Activists raise concerns that the authorities are using COVID-19 as an excuse to “operationalise” the island as a home to refugees, despite it being called a “dangerously flood-prone island without adequate healthcare”

UK Far-right: Britain First and Tommy Robinson turn to TikTok to beat social media bans

5 Min Read

After being banned from major social media sites, Britain First and Tommy Robinson turn to Chinese video-sharing social networking service to share hateful content.

Thousands benefit from innovative virtual weekend getaway

4 Min Read

Family Events CEO: “It's great to be able to provide a break during these testing times. The feedback from families across the UK and internationally has been amazing…”

Twitter deletes thousands of fake accounts linked to Saudi and Egyptian regime

4 Min Read

“The media group created inauthentic accounts to amplify messaging critical of Iran, Qatar and Turkey. Information we gained externally indicates it was taking direction from the Egyptian government.”

Yemen war report: Health workers and hospitals targeted

6 Min Read

“Each attack on a health facility reverberates far beyond its walls. The killings of doctors, nurses, and other health workers deprive communities of desperately-needed health care. Collectively, these attacks have decimated Yemen’s health care system and caused untold suffering and death.”

Congregational prayers affected as the Muslim world reacts to the coronavirus pandemic

6 Min Read

Mosques around the world have either shortened or cancelled Jumu’ah, whilst scholars advise the vulnerable to stay home

Idlib: Turkey ‘neutralises’ 309 Syrian regime soldiers as battle intensifies

4 Min Read

Turkey retaliates after 33 of its soldiers were martyred in a Syrian regime attack in Idlib. Turkey says it will open its southwestern border and allow Syrian refugees fleeing regime forces' assault free passage to Europe.

Press watchdog: Newspapers treating Muslims “differently”

4 Min Read

“I have a suspicion that [Muslims] are from time to time written about in a way that [newspapers] would simply not write about Jews or Roman Catholics,” says the outgoing chairman of the Independent Press Standards Organisation

The Strong Believer: Building a Positive Mindset

15 Min Read

Extracts of this hadīth are frequently quoted in different contexts and various lectures. Yet if one were to take it as a whole and reflect over its meaning, a number of amazing benefits and lessons can be drawn, all of which ultimately guide the believer towards building a positive mindset.