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Egyptian teenager Mariam Moustafa dies after suspected racist attack

4 Min Read

"...we didn't think England was like that" said Mariam Moustafa's sister

United Nations: Yemen war “catastrophic”

3 Min Read

The ongoing war in Yemen has left over 22 million people, 85% of the population, in desperate need of aid and facing catastrophic conditions...

What is the Condition of Your Heart?

16 Min Read

The heart “changes more than a pot of rapidly boiling water”...

Time: The Ever-Diminishing Capital

14 Min Read

"By time! Indeed man is in loss..."

Hadiths to Teach Your Children

19 Min Read

Words from the best father that ever lived, sallAllāhu ʿalayhī wasallam...

40 Hadiths for Raising Children – Part 2

15 Min Read

Nurturing good character and brotherhood in children...

40 Hadiths for Raising Children

12 Min Read

Raising the next generation – practical tips from the Sunnah

Think you’re a “good” Muslim?

12 Min Read

Which of these three categories do you fall into?