Abdullah Izzadin

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Islamophobia in the Conservative Party exposed once again

4 Min Read

“Here we are four years later with dossier after dossier, dozens of dozens of cases being presented with the most vile evidence of racism within the party at every level from members of parliament all the way down to ordinary activists”

General Election: Investigation finds Hindu nationalists spreading anti-Labour propaganda

6 Min Read

“If the entire Indian community in the UK votes Tory, we will see a swing of around 40 seats to the Tories. This will swing the actual election result.”

UK’s largest payday lender, QuickQuid, set to collapse

3 Min Read

CashEuroNet UK, which runs QuickQuid, is set to follow the footsteps of other high-interest short-term lenders and head into administration.

Indian occupation open fire on civilians in Kashmir

3 Min Read

Victims include women and children as three killed and eight injured in what is said to be an “indiscriminate and unprovoked” attack by Indian occupation forces

UN: Britain may be complicit in Saudi-led war crimes in Yemen

4 Min Read

A panel of experts have compiled a list of 160 key actors, including Britain, the US, and France, who may face charges for war crimes for their contributions to the brutal Saudi-led war in Yemen that has resulted in death, destruction, and starvation.

The Path to Forgiveness

16 Min Read

The what, why and hows of Tawbah

China’s Concentration Camps: What Can We Do?

20 Min Read

“We are witness to the ‘largest industrial scale persecution of a religious minority since the Holocaust’ and we find Muslim leaders, at best, staying silent, and at worst, speaking in support of such persecution!”

School assistant loses job for raising concerns on LGBT+ teaching

6 Min Read

Christian teaching assistant fired for “gross misconduct” for simply sharing concerns over the RSE syllabus in primary schools.

Islamophobic Hysteria Continues to Engulf US Politician Ilhan Omar

7 Min Read

The Somali-born US Congresswoman has been subject to an Islamophobic hate-campaign and death threats, following Trump and the Murdoch press‘ hysteria.

Counter Terrorism officers “blame Qur’an for terrorism” says family

4 Min Read

The widely discredited Prevent scheme reached a new low recently, with officers allegedly showing open disdain for the Qur’ān and the basic tenets of Islām...