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Reports: UAE and Saudi seek to divide Yemeni island Socotra

4 Min Read

UNESCO ambassador: "There is synergy between the roles of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. There is a hidden inclination to divide Yemen"

Former French PM Leads Calls to Change the Qur’ān

3 Min Read

Under the guise of battling “anti-Semitism”, 300 prominent French figures call for verses of the Qur’ān to be deleted

UK Gov Apologises for role in kidnap & torture after six years of denial

4 Min Read

After wasting more than £750,000 of tax-payer money defending itself, the UK Government this week finally admitted their complicity in kidnap and torture, and apologised for their “appalling” treatment

Palestinians face illegal “explosive bullets” from Occupying Forces

5 Min Read

Gaza protest victims: “All of their internal organs were totally destroyed, pulverized…”

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims reportedly in detention in Xinjiang, China

4 Min Read

“There are credible media reports that as many as 500,000 to a million people are or have been detained in what are being called ‘political education centres’, the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.”

Yemen: At least 20 killed in Saudi-led Coalition Airstrikes on Wedding

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At least 20 wedding attendees were killed in Saudi-led airstrikes on Hajjah, Northwest Yemen, on Sunday night. According to witnesses, the wedding party was targeted in separate strikes, several minutes apart, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries. Sources report that the majority of victims were woman and children, and that the bride was amongst those killed. The Health ministry spokesman said that there were delays in treating the wounded as ambulances could not reach the site out of fear of further strikes, as jets continued to fly overhead. The head of the local hospital, Al Jumhouri, told Reuters that

Myanmar puts on Rohingya repatriation show

4 Min Read

A public relations exercise in an attempt to deflect attention from the need for accountability for crimes committed against the Rohingya

Prof Tariq Ramadan’s health deteriorates as detention continues

3 Min Read

“Tariq was walking the day he entered prison, today he comes to the visiting room in a wheelchair.”

Could YOU be to Blame for the State of the Ummah?

8 Min Read

“Indeed, Allāh will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves."

National Union of Teachers Unanimously Vote Against Ofsted’s Hijāb Stance

4 Min Read

The National Union of Teachers (“NUT”), part of the UK’s largest teachers’ union, held their annual conference over the weekend, covering a wide-range of topics from pay scales to Ofsted policy. Amongst the important topics discussed was a unified voice of condemnation of Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Speilman’s instruction to interrogate children as young as four if they go to school wearing a hijāb, under the bizarre, if not dishonest, notion that the piece of cloth represented the “sexualisation of young girls”. The Chief Inspector, whose appointment was rejected by the House of Commons Education Committee citing her lack of