Abdullāh Ladadwi

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A Scholar for Soldiers | ‘Izz al-Din al-Qassam

25 Min Read

Al-Qassam devoted himself to moral reform, endlessly encouraging the community to keep regular prayers, maintain the obligatory fast, and strive to eradicate gambling and consumption of alcohol.

39°C!? The Extraordinary Secrets of Lowering the Gaze

21 Min Read

Today could see unprecedented temperatures, maybe up to 39C in the South-East. And despite expert heat warnings, many will be encouraged to greet the soaring heat onto their bared flesh. With such a reality, today, we must renew our commitment, not only to protecting our eyes from the burning heat but our very hearts… 

The Gazan Martyr of Malaysia – Sheikh Dr Fadi al-Batsh

11 Min Read

A distinguished academic and imam who had the audacity to use his knowledge to help Palestinians

Eight months in prison for a slap; nine months for murder

4 Min Read

Test: in which country is slapping one race comparable to murdering another?

“Islam does not belong to Germany” says new German minister Horst Seehofer

4 Min Read

Racial discrimination against the Muslim community is rapidly becoming a norm in German society

Which is the “Correct” Rebel Group in Syria?

13 Min Read

A sinister narrative mirroring Srebrenica about "good" and "bad" rebel groups in Syria needs to be addressed if we are to prevent another genocide

The Eye that Rules the Heart

20 Min Read

Our two eyes weigh less than 30 grams each, yet are made up of more than 200 million working parts, and serve a function that around half of the brain is dedicated to. According to the Discover Eye Foundation, our eyes process more than 36,000 pieces of information every hour. In fact, it is said that the eye is one of the only limbs that cannot be transplanted; since there are more than one million nerve fibres connecting it to the brain, it is impossible to reconstruct. Sight is our most cherished sense without competition, and alone provides us with

Is LBC’s firing of Katie enough to combat Nazi ‘Solutions’?

6 Min Read

In 1942, a sequence of events eventually culminated in the extermination of nearly 6 million Jewish men, women and children; and it all began with the euphemistically termed “Final Solution” to the Jewish Question. That such inhumanity and manifest evil could be tolerated to occur in the world, with mass consent, is a shameful and incomprehensible blight to our history as mankind. And yet the wheel turns and once again society indulges the advocates of genocide. In an abhorrent statement made this week, Katie Hopkins cited the Holocaust moniker in a statement that can only be understood as a call

After Nakba – 9 reasons why it is time for Israel’s retirement

12 Min Read

Yet again we mark another birthday of the ongoing international catastrophe known as Israel. It has been more than seven decades since almost a million Palestinian were ransacked of their homeland, killed and displaced at gunpoint, replacing an entire indigenous community with another pan-European, American, cross-continental, and anything but native people. But today our spectacles will see through Israel's concurrent massacres, displacement of millions and littered illegal settlements. Humanity has come to terms with this illness, and is beginning to look beyond its wounds. An illness terrifically intertwined in some way or another to every 'problem' in the world, be

The Teaching Revolution

11 Min Read

92 years have passed since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Modern day Turkey. In a very short space of time Kamal Atatürk, the founding father of modern Turkey, was able to secularise an entire nation. Central to his policies was a drive to so-called ‘modernisation’ which would undermine centuries of historical and religious heritage and marginalise religious practices and communities. We must ask ourselves: How did Atatürk secularise an entire Islamic Nation so quickly and render obsolete the last standing Caliphate? How did he manage to inculcate mass docility and change the mind-set of many