Amar Alam

Amar Alam has studied an undergraduate Psychology degree and completed an MSc within the same field. He regularly has academic articles published in medical journals and writes articles on various Islamic topics using a social framework for a number of media outlets.
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The Failed Coup of Britain

11 Min Read

In September 2015, Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party with the largest mandate ever won by a party leader in British political history. However, only nine months into his tenure, a long awaited plot orchestrated by a small group of MPs surfaced that attempted to severely undermine his leadership and force him out of the party. News of the plot was brought to the attention of the world’s media on 26th June 2016, when Mr Corbyn sacked the then Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, after it was revealed that he had been seeking shadow cabinet support to illegally

The Brutal Truth About The Assassination of Jo Cox

11 Min Read

The shocking and brutal murder of Helen Joanne Cox, a Labour MP, by a neo-Nazi led to an outpouring of grief among the general population last week. People of all faiths and backgrounds paid tribute to the Labour backbencher as she was described by many as a devoted, kind, perfect and utterly amazing mother and politician, who championed the rights of the less fortunate in our society, including immigrants, refugees and the oppressed in locations as far as Palestine and Syria. However, the feelings of sorrow quickly turned to anger and frustration among a number of different communities across the

Reyhaneh Jabbari: Iran’s latest victim

12 Min Read

After living on death row for the last five years, Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26, was executed in Tehran on Friday 24th October 2014 by Iranian authorities, in one of the most brazen human rights violations in recent memory. Reyhaneh Jabbari was convicted of murdering Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi in 2007, an ex-intelligence official, in self-defence after he lured her to his apartment on the pretence of work and attempted to rape her. After being arrested for the murder, she was placed in solitary confinement without access to a lawyer or her family and physically and psychologically abused for a number of years

Islām & Ireland: Historical Allies

9 Min Read

In a climate where Muslims are constantly being attacked and vilified and their religious freedoms are gradually being restricted, open discourse has often led to a greater understanding of Islām. Despite the progress that has been made to combat Islamophobia in British society, certain influential figures continue to promote misinformed ideas, and propagate their own personal views about Islām that are born out of sheer ignorance. One such individual is James McConnell, a born-again Christian pastor from Ireland who on the 25th of May 2014 openly launched a vicious tirade against the religion of Islām in his sermon. Not only did

Recipe for a Golden Age of Islām

11 Min Read

On the importance of excelling in both religious and worldly duties. While religion today has become an issue relegated to the private realm of our daily lives, Islām has always challenged the status quo with its multi-faceted nature. As a religion, it is unique and comprehensive in the way it helps regulate all aspects of human life. But what truly distinguishes Islām from other faiths such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, is that it does not advocate monasticism ; that is, it does not promote the complete renouncement of all forms of worldly pursuits in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Have the Muslims failed with Intellectual Disabilities?

19 Min Read

  Children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities, as well as their families, suffer unprecedented levels of prejudice and discrimination throughout their lives. Such individuals are frequently victims of aggressive abuse, hostility, humiliation, conflict, teasing and stares. They also experience social isolation, lack of support from their extended families, and problems accessing education, employment and healthcare services. These cases of discrimination are not limited to non-Muslims, but are also prevalent within the Muslim community.  Today, being World Autism Awareness Day, offers an opportunity for us to reflect seriously on the question: have we failed as a community when it comes to

Hypocrisy of those who attack the Prophet’s ﷺ marriage to A’isha

21 Min Read

The Muslims of today are living in an era of unprecedented discrimination against Islām. Their religion is constantly vilified and attacked because the theological beliefs it propagates are seen to be counterproductive to Western society. The Prophet of Islām (sall Allāhu alayhi wasallam) has been the major target of these attacks by orientalists, liberals and modernists alike, all of whom have done so under the guise of freedom of speech in order to promote their own personal and political interests. Amongst the barrage of insults and false accusations levelled against the Prophet (sall Allāhu alayhi wasallam), is the claim that