Assad Ahmad

Assad is currently studying Sharī'ah in al-Azhar University
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The Different Types of Prayer at Night

12 Min Read

Do you know your tarawih from your tahajjud?

Qadā, Fidya & Kafāra: what to do when not fasting

13 Min Read

Know someone who's not fasting? Learn all about what to do as a result

The Fiqh of Finders Keepers

16 Min Read

Rulings pertaining to finding lost property This section in the books of Fiqh is usually entitled ‘The Chapter of Luqaṭa’ which include definitions of al-Luqaṭa as property or wealth lost by the owner, even if carelessly, and the rulings pertaining to those who find such property. Traditionally, and this can still be the case in many countries, discussions would extend to finding such items as herds of animals, food, gold and silver kept in pouches, or even lost captives. The types of property that come under discussion are mostly possessions such as money, clothing or jewellery. We will, however, endeavour