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An Alternative Muslim Guide to the General Elections

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While the UK is in the grip of election fever, Britain’s Muslims are facing up to the dizzying quandary of which electoral outcome, if any, can truly benefit the legions of Muslims in the UK. Muslims in Britain constitute 4.8% of the population, making us the second largest faith group in the UK after Christians. We tend to come from lower-income households and experience higher levels of unemployment. 48% of Muslims are aged 24 and under and half of British Muslims live in the 10% most deprived areas of the UK.  These factors usually edge voters to the left. Thus Britain’s Muslims have traditionally

Malala: Dinner list. Everyone else: Kill list.

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If only she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize “Maezol Khan was a bright one” sighed the family of Chugtais ~ If only he could have his disfigured figure re-figured Too late for young Luqman, those deadly strikes the joystick triggered ~ If only she could fly to New York and hold Ban Ki Moon’s hand But young Ayesha lies deep beneath the rubble in Malakand ~ If only he could be Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ Though he was just a common shepherd, 15 year old Shabir ~ If only she made Obama’s dinner list; not his kill list A terror threat was studious Shaukat: the burgeoning chemist? ~ If only he could have his face on the

Moeen Ali and the Language of War and Protest

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“I wear the beard as a label,” cricketer Moeen Ali said in an interview earlier this summer. “I want people to know I am a Muslim and I want people to know I am representing the Muslim faith. I want to show that you can practise your faith and still play cricket to a high level. Yes, I see myself as a role model. And as a role model, I have to behave in a certain way. Do I see it as a mission? Yes, I do.” Moeen represents modern multicultural Britain. His magnificent beard has caused some in the