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Our DEMANDS to the Chinese Embassy for the Uyghurs

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Last week, our stand for the Uyghur Muslims culminated with a list of our demands to the Chinese embassy. Now, we need you to make this message go viral.

Life, Death and Janaza of Sikh Revert Sonya

1 Min Read

Amanpaul Dhaliwal shares some touching anecdotes of his late wife including her life before Islam.

Islam21c Sister in Final Days of Life: Urgent Dua Needed

6 Min Read

Doctors said she only has days to live, but life and death is in Allah’s Hands. Take some time out right now to make du’a for a miracle cure or the best end for her: Jannah.

Allah’s Month Muharram

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Did you know the new Islamic year has begun? Here's your one stop shop to help you achieve its true significance...


1 Min Read

In this brand new series, we look for the most senior Muslims we can find on the global stage, from as wide a variety of backgrounds and regions as possible, to ask them one question...

See evil change it, what’s the point?

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The Uyghur Muslims specifically asked for the Muslims in the West to be their voice because of the influence we have. Listen to the powerful khutbah delivered by Ustadh Abu Anas now.

National Solidarity Demo #Stand4Uyghurs

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Prove to them that we have not forsaken them by attending a national demonstration of solidarity during the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

Unscripted Live Appeal

1 Min Read

Ramadan is ending but the spirit of Ramadan will continue when you join us tonight with many special guests.

Unveiling Islam21c’s New Partner

8 Min Read

This year Islam21c have an ambitious target not to just inform you about what is happening in the wider Ummah, but to help you IMPACT it. This is why we are excited to reveal our new charity partner...

What Black Lives Matter means to me – Sh Abu Usamah

1 Min Read

We're in Birmingham Shareef for this week's Unscripted podcast where Salman speaks to Shaykh Abu Usamah at-Thahabi.