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The controversy of Muslim integration in the Netherlands

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The controversy of Muslim integration in the Netherlands MRDF {tab=Video} Video {youtube}XU6qsd948Ak{/youtube} {/tabs}

Malcolm X

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Malcolm X The House Negro and the Field Negro {tab=Video} Video {youtube}znQe9nUKzvQ{/youtube} {/tabs}

Would the Hijab Have Saved Him?

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Dear Nicolas Sarkozy, It is with regret that we learnt of your wife’s extra marital affairs thereby humiliating you whilst you hold France’s highest public office. Here at i21C we would like to offer you a friendly shoulder to cry on. We know it’s difficult – but please don’t blame yourself – how could you have possibly known that a woman who used to work as a topless model would lack such basic moral values. Please don’t beat yourself up – you weren’t to know that her being on public display (quite literally) meant she was more likely to fall

Ramadan Feature

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An Insight into Moon-sighting The start of Ramadan & the days of 'Id _______________________ _______________________ Ramadan: The Month of the Qur'an Reflections on Ramadan _______________________ _______________________ Peaking at the Last Ten Zakah al-Fitr Q&A _______________________ _______________________ Ramad-amnesia Ramadan Pointers _______________________ _______________________


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Terms of Service

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Sourcing and Policies

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Reasoning with the Unreasonable

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In the current hysteria that has become the debate around Islamic law, immigration, anti-Semitism, the veil and foreign policy, there has come a sense of irrationality that has been exuded by Britons in nearly every media outlet that exists in the UK. Television, radio, websites, and even poster adverts have all employed some sense of illogical persuasion to reject the shared and very noble ideals that exist within British society. (Of course, for those who believe the mere notion of shared ideals is disbelief and warrants takfir (excommunication), perhaps the ‘treaty of righteousness’ (hilf al fudhul) should be cited about

Debating the Burqa

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The Burqa The burqa, a form of Muslim dress covering women from head to toe, including their faces, is oppressive, says the president of France. He wants it banned. “The burqa is not a religious sign — it’s a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement. It will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic.” As per statements of Nicolas Sarkozy about his wishes to ban the burqa in France it is necessary to provide some advice on the matter as the debate is being brought to the door step of UK and many Muslims are caught