Ghulam Esposito Haydar

Ghulam is an experienced Prescribing Pharmacist and currently splits his time professionally as a clinician in primary care and as a healthcare development consultant. He is active in da’wah, new Muslim support and community affairs in his city – Manchester. He is a founder and a trustee at the Myriad Foundation and works with a number of key stakeholders and institutions in Manchester.
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English Football Fans Are a Reflection of Society

10 Min Read

When England lost, I was upset for the players, who appear to be a group of outstanding individuals who care for their communities and consistently demonstrate good politics. However, at the same time the aftermath of the loss demonstrates that what we feared still exists in our country.

Muslims “Quietly condone Terrorism”—a desperate lie

19 Min Read

Muslims "Quietly condone Terrorism"—a desperate lie While Muslims around the world have been fasting during the holy month of Ramaḍān, terrorists and politicians have continued in their respective destructive crusades which currently show no sign of abating. Friday saw the deadly destruction of a mosque in Kuwait, the decapitation of a man at a gas plant near Grenoble in France and the mass killings at a tourist beach hotel in Sousse, Tunisia. These are the latest atrocities which have shocked people of faith and no faith to the core. According to statements on twitter, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the

Response to ISIS: Imperial Hegemony or a Safer World?

18 Min Read

ISIS have been beheading Muslims in Syria for the last few years, curtailing and reversing the efforts of the resistance movements against Bashar al-Assad in Syria and al-Maliki in Iraq, before beheading the independent American journalist James Foley and more recently Steven Sotloff. All indications appear that Foley was a genuine journalist whose only goal was to report on the events in those regions. His parents have said that he sympathised with the Syrian people against the Assad regime. The initial reaction of many were that the reports were a hoax until mainstream media outlets unanimously started covering the story

Michael Gove’s Trojan Hoax Plot Thickens

14 Min Read

It is ironic that the BBC perpetually calls on controversial figures with reputations for causing discord amongst the British Muslim community to discuss issues that affect traditional Islam and orthodox Muslims. The irony of the statement “it is the vocal minorities that are dominating the discourse” on Newsnight could not be lost since it is figures like the one invited who are the vocal minority given an unprecedented amount of media space. Watching this particular guest espouse his aggressive rhetoric on national television shouldn’t surprise us.  Little has changed since he came into prominence in 2008. In spite of his constant

Is there such a thing as Islamic Feminism?

16 Min Read

What is Feminism? Defining feminism can be a very difficult task. The conflicting views within the movement often lead to confusion and as a consequence, many feel it does not provide any clear direction for positive change. There are some who argue that the spectrum of views show plurality and this is what makes feminism dynamic since it is women’s rights shaped by one’s socio-political background. Although this may seem to have an element of truth, there does seem to be an unwavering underlying creed that drives feminism and this is the idea of gender equality. This sort of outlook

Silencing of Whistleblowers – Welcome to the Orwellian State

7 Min Read

Moazzam Begg is a well known author and human rights activist, famous for experiencing horrific torture at the hands of western agents whilst incorrectly held in the infamous Bagram and Guantanamo Bay prisons without any due process or charges. He regularly speaks on mainstream news programmes and documentaries, bringing to attention the cases of those who are imprisoned around the world without any charge or due process, often subjected to severe cases of torture with governmental complicity. Moazzam Begg has deliberately and incorrectly been charged under sections 6 and 17 of the terrorism act, accused of training and funding terrorism overseas