Haneef Ibn Ahmad

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Turkish marriage law finally recognises Muslim weddings, infuriating Islamophobes

9 Min Read

After a 91-year struggle against contradictory, secularist marriage laws imposed on them, Turkey wins back a small part of its stolen identity, sparking outrage from some...

What caused Ramadān 1438 declaration confusion?

9 Min Read

Following some unconfirmed news reports of the declaration of the beginning of the sacred month of Ramadān 1438, social media was flooded with messages of greetings to supposedly mark the ‘declaration’. Many Muslims unfortunately failed to realise that it was actually Thursday, 28th of Sha’bān 1438 in the Shar’I Hijri calendar. Therefore, it is possible that the beginning of Ramadān could be on Saturday or Sunday. So, did the Supreme Court ask people to go out and seek the crescent on a day when the crescent is not usually sighted? Let us explore the events in the order that they

Today Turkey Votes Yes or No

12 Min Read

The run-up to today's referendum has caused the veil to slip from many European states and "journalists" revealing their contempt for Turks and fears of a strong Muslim nation...

More Muslims burned alive by ISIS

16 Min Read

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون Yet again, we are bombarded with another indescribably horrific video of a torturous murder from the non-Islamic non-State production house; swelling their existing monstrous bunch of psychotic material. As the blood of the world boils at the mere receipt of the news, the silence of western leaders and Turkey’s NATO “allies” is almost deafening. What is Turkey doing in Syria in the first place? This horrific incident comes as the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) carries out what it has referred to as Operation Euphrates Shield. The aim of this operation is “to protect Turkey’s border