Imran Shah

Imran is the CEO of MPACUK and has over 10 years of campaign and media experience. He has worked with a diverse range of activist and Muslim organisations and specialising in grass roots activism and campaign strategy, 5 Pillars, PRESS TV & BBC Asian Network. His twitter handle is @imranshah884.
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We Cannot Defeat Islamophobia Without Defeating Zionism 

11 Min Read

If we only focus on Islamophobia, we will lose the fight against both Islamophobia and Palestine. But if we focus on Zionism itself, we have a chance to win both battles. 

The Case for BDS Against the BJP

12 Min Read

Narendra Modi's fascist party has unleashed hell on Indian Muslims. It's time we fight back, argues Imran Shah.

The Billion Dollar Muslim

6 Min Read

Book Review of Billion Dollar Muslim: Why We Need Spiritually Inspired Entrepreneurs “Everyone can be an entrepreneur and the way global economies are going, everyone will need to be.” Billion Dollar Muslim is not a typical guide to “how to be an entrepreneur” that you will find on the bookshelf. In its 150 pages it challenges the reader on their perception of entrepreneurship itself, provokes self-introspection, not only the basis of aspiration, but on the growing necessity for the economic changes to come. The book’s range of interesting insights and concepts include how being in a job is becoming an increasingly

Why We Must Be Masters of Our Counter Culture

12 Min Read

When we think of counter culture, we mostly think of it as things that are niche, contrary to the status quo, but entirely recreational. Whilst counter culture always has its expressive and artistic side, to only acknowledge this manifestation is to only scratch the surface of a system of values and set of attitudes that define a people’s state of being. The use of counter culture, and culture overall, is the management of people, their norms, perceptions and their relationship to various things. Therefore, the management of a people’s culture is to manage their capacity as people and their direction.

Where are the Muslim millionaires?

14 Min Read

Muslim Entrepreneurship: Its Role in the Movement Everything needs provision. Whether it be the projects we start, the institutions we run, the family unit we raise and sustain, or life itself. Therefore, the need for finance and entrepreneurialism cannot be underestimated when it comes to achieving equality and promoting justice in the world. Before we explore its role, we must address a number of bad mind-sets within our communities. I have found, far too often, that brothers and sisters believe “too much wealth” is something to avoid as it can lead to unnecessary fitna and extravagance. This belief reaches such

Education: The Difference Between Freedom & Slavery

11 Min Read

Frederick Douglass, the infamous runaway slave who became a strong orator of the abolitionist movement, highlights in his autobiography a moment during his youth when he lived with his master’s brother’s family. Frederick approached the mother of the house, Sophia Auld, and expressed his curiosity of “this mystery of reading,” and “frankly, asked her to teach me to read.” Sophia was reported to be drawn to his already quick mind and was perhaps intrigued by the thought of testing the educability of an “African child.” In doing so, Sophia, perhaps unwittingly, undercut the fundamental psychological discipline of slavery, and thereby

Muslim Community: Crisis and Opportunity

8 Min Read

The Muslim Community is in a state of emergency, but in it lies our greatest opportunity They say that humanity only really learns the most earnest of lessons in a state of crisis, a state of complete breakdown. Only after facing that breakdown, are we then capable of embracing the breakthroughs necessary that have largely been neglected. It is when we are at the cliff edge, in the emergency of the situation we find humanity is able to effect the kind of changes where there was resistance before. Brothers and sisters we are facing this very scenario. If we are