J. E. Millington, Jr.

An American writer and currently a contributing blogger to many sites including saudi life and middleeastposts, currently John resides in Saudi Arabia.
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The Veil: Protection from Sexual, Financial Exploitation

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Women in the West have only had rights for 100 years thanks to the advocacy of feminism. Muslim women have been able to vote, own land and run their own businesses for about a little over 1400 years. Before you can understand the full irony of the situation, I must explain how I came to know about Feminism. Let me start with a little tale called Becky’s Slap. * * * * * * * Becky’s Slap Being an adolescent in the 1960’s and 70’s was a pretty exciting experience in the United States. America was going through ideological growing

Battleground America: Pt 3 Industrial-Military Complex and Social-Political Changes

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**Click here for part 2. The erosion of trust that allowed the US public to lay down their arms is a result of a series of complex historical circumstances and conditions that would take many books to explain. Rather than describe every turn in the road in the vicissitudes of popular American political opinion, the causes of distrust of the government can be understood in terms of events and how they have shifted the balance of power in the era following the industrial revolution. The Reagan and Bush Years: HostileTake Over of the US Government More than any other time

Battleground America: Pt 2-Gun Control Prior Industrial Revolution

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**Click here for part 1.   The history of gun control and the second amendment, though they appear to coincide with the fear of political extremes and the existence of dangerous men with assault weapons laying claim to the right to have them, in most cases since the Revolutionary War, seems to only correspond to initiatives by those in authority; under the guise of liberalism, to introduce more legislation to limit what constitutionally cannot be limited. It usually takes the form of news that there are more guns in the hands of the citizenry than the ability of law enforcement

Battleground America: Pt 1-The Truth About Gun Control

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**This is the first in a 3-part series of articles** It’s always amusing when debates regarding gun control in the US surface.  Concerns often rise in government circles when citizens become concerned with the American constitution and it’s interpretation.  If we assume that national concern for gun violence reported by the news is an indication of universal outrage and not solely the propagation of selective stories to present a particular point of view, we can quickly reach a few significant conclusions.  Contrary to the current headlines, the crime associated with fatality rates in the US, in big and small cities

Flipping the Script

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It is hard not to be a bit cynical about the media - TV news, newspapers and the ‘cream pie in the face’ blogs that wet the bed of public opinion with the ‘sanctioned’ opinion. Most people don’t realize that the so called ‘mainstream’ media, in most countries, is government controlled. Like Saddam, after Martin Luther King was killed in 1968 (originally labeled a ‘terrorist’ by the mainstream press), he was one of the last charismatic organizers of the civil disobedience/passive resistance movement), the struggle  for civil rights was declared a done deal (like the Iraq War) despite the reality