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Battleground America: Pt 1-The Truth About Gun Control

**This is the first in a 3-part series of articles**

It’s always amusing when debates regarding gun control in the US surface.  Concerns often rise in government circles when citizens become concerned with the American constitution and it’s interpretation.  If we assume that national concern for gun violence reported by the news is an indication of universal outrage and not solely the propagation of selective stories to present a particular point of view, we can quickly reach a few significant conclusions.  Contrary to the current headlines, the crime associated with fatality rates in the US, in big and small cities in America, have gone down considerably since the high water marks of the last decades (New York leading the way with a murder rate of over 2000 deaths in 2008). Politicians attribute the decrease in crime stats to an expanding prison population; tougher penalties for violent crimes and hiring more police and providing funding for better armaments.  Popular political campaign strategies tend to give  the illusion that success will be actualized by expanding security measures within the U.S.  While in reality, many would contest that the real causes of gun crime are high unemployment, substance abuse;  environmental toxins (some say lead in the water may have very well been the cause of violent behavior in the record high crime rate of the recent generation).Thus the era which can be marked as the destruction of the American family begins.

Like most of the inalienable guarantees of the founding fathers  (Jefferson, et al) the legislative and judicial branches of the American government have succeeded over the intervening years since the constitution was drafted and ratified, to ‘infringe’ the people’s rights under a ceaseless litany of mitigating regulations and bureaucratic delays that they use as tools to criminalize the lawful.

“A foundation of American political thought during the Revolutionary period was the well justified concern about political corruption and governmental tyranny. Even the federalists, fending off their opponents who accused them of creating an oppressive regime, were careful to acknowledge the risks of tyranny.”

In short, the writers of the US Constitution thought that a well armed citizenry was a good deterrent against an oppressive or tyrannical government and wanted to give future generations a means to change it if the need arose as the original colonies did. Maybe this was because the Revolutionary War was kicked off when the British troops were dispatched to Concord April 18, 1775 to disarm the colonists –prompting the attack of about 60 colonists who followed them back to Boston (known as the Battle of Lexington and Concord).

This is perhaps why of all rights enshrined in the legal fabric of US Constitution; the most essential to safe guarding the government is the Second Amendment:  the Right to bear Arms.

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  1. Very Interesting
    Asalam Alacom,

    Its great to see such a wide area of issues being discussed on i21c. I’ve been keeping my eye on the issue of gun control in the US and it certainly doest seem to have an easy answer. It will be very interesting to see what conclusion you come to mr. Millington, I look forward to the next instalment insha’Allah.

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