Maleeha Fahimuddin

Maleeha Fahimuddin is a teacher and writer based in London. She has been active in the Muslim community for thirty years, delivering lectures and workshops on challenges faced by Muslims in the UK and abroad. Maleeha is a student of Islamic studies and a mother of three.
5 Articles

French anti-Muslim sentiment stripped bare with abaya ban

10 Min Read

A key example of the dangers of liberal and secular thinking: forcing women to reduce their modesty and arguing that it is empowering.

Indian facade of “communal tensions” unveiled as systematic anti-Muslim violence

9 Min Read

So-called "communal tensions" in India's Haryana state are code for calculated anti-Muslim abuse led by Hindutva zealots.

Jenin’s cry: devastation, resilience, and ongoing struggle

8 Min Read

In July, Israel attacked Jenin, but Muslims remain defiant in the knowledge that victory will be won through allegiance to Allah and His Messenger.

Sarah Everard: Failed by the System

10 Min Read

From the entire female population, it could have been any of us. But it was Sarah Everard, the young woman from London who was tragically murdered by the ruthless maniac PC Wayne Couzens.

“The Most Wronged Woman in the World”

8 Min Read

It was Yvonne Ridley – the British investigative journalist – who uncovered the truth about Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s whereabouts, calling her “the most wronged woman in the world”.