Muhammad Jalal

Muhammad Jalal is a lecturer in Politics and hosts the podcast The Thinking Muslim. He delivers a regular course for young Muslims exploring the thoughts of Islam and Liberalism and is currently working on developing content on the same subject for the Sapience Institute. He writes for numerous online journals including Traversing Tradition and CAGE. He can be found on Twitter/ X @jalalayn.
3 Articles

UK Muslims need an alternative to Labour

24 Min Read

Muslims need to chart an independent path in politics and not crave the attention of established parties, argues Muhammad Jalal, host of The Thinking Muslim podcast.

Modi, Kashmir, and Pakistan’s Dilemma

9 Min Read

After the repeal of Article 370 and a total shutdown of Kashmir 28 days ago, politics lecturer Muhammad Jalal takes an in-depth look at the politics behind the decision.

The Christchurch Terrorist Was Not a Lone Wolf

10 Min Read

A lecturer in politics dissects the Christchurch New Zealand terrorist Brenton Tarrant's "manifesto"...