Shaheer Choudhury

As Head of Editorial at Islam21c, Shaheer is a regular contributor who has an unwavering passion and commitment for staying on the pulse in regards to global geopolitical and general current affairs, whilst paying close attention to the changing world conditions of Muslim populations. Prior to joining Islam21c, he developed a number of years' experience in the health and social care sector, and previously worked as a caseworker at HHUGS. He has also volunteered at the Muslim Youth Helpline. Shaheer holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Kingston University.
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Keir Starmer accused of “picking sides on Islamophobia”

6 Min Read

Anti-Islamophobia campaigners have lambasted the Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer for his apparent back-and-forth interaction with Britain’s Muslim community.

Statement: Scholars worldwide lend backing to Jerusalem Uprising

8 Min Read

Prominent scholars across the world have expressed their support for “the heroes of Jerusalem who confronted this Zionist belligerence and achieved a victory in the Damascus Gate Uprising” in a letter published on Wednesday.

Palestine marks Prisoners’ Day as thousands languish in Israeli jails

4 Min Read

Yesterday marked the 47th annual Palestinian Prisoners’ Day. Honoured on this day are the many reported thousands of Palestinians who remain behind bars due to the Zionist regime’s desire to quash all resistance against its illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

MPs to vote on declaration of Uyghur genocide

7 Min Read

Campaigners in the UK House of Commons are seeking a declaration that the Chinese government is engaging in genocide against the Uyghurs residing in East Turkestan.

UK woods “reaching crisis point”, says Woodland Trust

8 Min Read

An unprecedented and comprehensive report by the UK’s Woodland Trust has declared British woods to be close to “reaching crisis point” after numerous threats have alarmingly resulted in only 7% of Britain’s native trees and woods being in good health.

Muslim news site scores higher than mainstream press in NewsGuard rating

4 Min Read

Popular British Muslim news website 5Pillars was awarded a prestigious top spot for consistently producing credible and trustworthy news reports.

Omar Esa nashīd album nears No. 1 in the charts

4 Min Read

The British-Pakistani nashīd artist Omar Esa has seen his latest album, Allah and His Beloved, rapidly ascend the UK iTunes chart.

Uyghur slave labour likely produces the clothes we wear

7 Min Read

A staggering 20% of the global cotton market is serviced from cotton fields in East Turkestan, or the Xinjiang province as referred to by the Chinese government.

Benedict Cumberbatch seeks Gitmo closure following work on “The Mauritanian”

4 Min Read

“I really do hope Guantánamo is closed ... It’s a symbol of Americans betraying their constitution by creating a lawless prison offshore that can escape the law of the land so they can do whatever they want to prisoners..."

Taslima Nasreen all out for zero as England cricket team defend Moeen Ali

5 Min Read

Ali’s fellow England international players, including Ben Duckett, Jofra Archer, and Saqib Mahmood, all tweeted in defence of the all-rounder Ali, arguing that Nasreen’s comment was wholly inappropriate and a “disgusting tweet.”