Shaheer Choudhury

As Head of Editorial at Islam21c, Shaheer is a regular contributor who has an unwavering passion and commitment for staying on the pulse in regards to global geopolitical and general current affairs, whilst paying close attention to the changing world conditions of Muslim populations. Prior to joining Islam21c, he developed a number of years' experience in the health and social care sector, and previously worked as a caseworker at HHUGS. He has also volunteered at the Muslim Youth Helpline. Shaheer holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Kingston University.
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Children unknowingly ensnared into gambling in video games, report exposes

9 Min Read

A damning report from GambleAware has described a staple of many seemingly innocent games as “structurally and psychologically akin” to gambling, “setting kids up for addiction" the NHS adds.

Muslim sports organisation collaborates with 72 professional football clubs in celebrating Ramadan

4 Min Read

A Muslim London-based non-profit organisation that strives to produce and nurture Muslim athletes in the UK, has successfully gathered over seventy British professional football clubs to collectively celebrate and learn more about the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Twelve dead during anti-Modi clashes surrounding 50th anniversary of Bangladesh independence

4 Min Read

The 26th of March marked the 50th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan, but the jubilant mood felt by Bangladeshis was short-lived as protests erupted concerning the two-day state visit of neighbouring India’s leader, Narendra Modi.

Taliban vows to target foreign forces if peace-deal May deadline violated

5 Min Read

Could war erupt once again in Afghanistan?

Cartoon “blasphemy” – put down your crayons and pick up a book

9 Min Read

Read about the latest provocations of Muslims at a school in Batley, and what Dr Salman and Sh Haitham have to say about it.

Members of Exeter University argue institution fuelling Uyghur genocide

8 Min Read

Students at the University of Exeter have criticised their institution for having links with proponents of the Uyghur genocide.

UN confirms reports Saudi official threatened Special Rapporteur would be “taken care of”

5 Min Read

The UN has confirmed that a senior unnamed Saudi official had on two occasions made death threats against Agnes Callamard, the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or arbitrary executions.

British Government overturns “genocide amendment” passed thrice by House of Lords

8 Min Read

The Government now sees itself in a complex situation, with the likes of Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab lashing out against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on numerous occasions yet seemingly uninterested in the amendment to the Trade Bill.

“Bibi, go home” – thousands rally against Netanyahu, days before elections

6 Min Read

Protests against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have once again picked up, with thousands taking to the streets to call for Israel’s longest serving leader to be removed from office.

French Muslims stunned as new law bans halal slaughter from July

3 Min Read

Two years after Belgium enacted discriminatory legislation that banned the slaughter of non-stunned animals, France has followed suit in an act that campaigners have deemed a “serious obstacle” to practicing faith in the notoriously secularist country.