Yasir Reda

Yasir Reda is currently working as an IT consultant having graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems. He is a keen reader of Islamic literature and of Egyptian origin. Although he has grown up in the UK, Yasser is an avid political activist and is proud to have been involved in some of the protests against the police and army post-coup in Cairo, Egypt. Yasser's work stems from a combination of experience, reading and close correspondence with people directly involved and affected by current affairs in Egypt and the Middle-East and is an author for Islam21c
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The Anniversary of Rabaa and Sisi’s Genocide

9 Min Read

"One of the world’s largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history.”

Israel 2.0: The country formerly known as Egypt

13 Min Read

The new Israel west of Gaza And so it came to be, just days after the Deputy Editor of the national Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram, Azza Sami invoked Allāh saying “O Allāh, increase the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu so that he can rid us of Hamas once and for all;” that the Almighty decreed that she would die an unexplained death from an incurable illness. Unfortunately, much more absurdity continues to emerge from Egypt and from platforms similar to hers. Just recently Israeli TV used an extract from popular chat show host, Tawfik Okasha, which claimed that Hamas is responsible for

El-Sisi’s Mandate: Part One—Hell-bent Against Islām

10 Min Read

It is ironic that when el-Sisi made a blunder in a speech saying “whoever does not please Allāh we will be with him, aiding and standing by him,” it turned out to be precisely the case. Following the ousting of President Morsi, analysts claimed that the real target was not the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), but that it was part of an agenda to marginalise Islām. This article will explore some of the evidence for these claims, the attitudes of some of the main instigators of the coup and give an indication of what life may entail under a Sisi premiership.