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No-Strings-Attached Nikah, Mincel, Red Pill: The Case for Islamic RSE

Mariya bint Rehan 38 Min Read

Increasingly younger Muslim men are being swept up in an internet storm of misogyny. What does this miseducation tell us about British Muslim culture and what can we learn from it? The

What is Mohamed Salah really worth?

Alim Hasan Islam 4 Min Read

Mohamed Salah has signed a new deal at Liverpool FC for £350,000 a week. But his true worth has been off the pitch.

My Same-Sex Attraction: Understanding & Healing

Ali Jaffery 17 Min Read

“Why doesn’t Allah take these feelings away?” Ali Jeffry shares his personal story of understanding and recovering from unwanted same-sex attraction.

Johnny Depp and the Power of Truth

Zimarina Sarwar 7 Min Read

Zimarina Sarwar ponders why millions of people tuned in daily to the Jonny Depp - Amber Heard trial, and what lay beneath the hype of memes and hashtags

Why We Started One of the Biggest Competitions for Muslim Creatives & Storytellers Ever

Nour Saran 5 Min Read

"There is an incredible amount of creativity in the Ummah, but it is not always appreciated let alone nurtured with the resources, mentoring and networking that it deserves."

A Conversation on Faith & Football with Nathan Ellington

Maryam Amer 26 Min Read

A Founder of the Association of Muslim Footballers (AMF) and one of the most recognisable Muslims in English football in his day