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Our Future Bright And Halal


Currently, many Muslims are unable to go to university because their faith prohibits them from taking interest based finance to fund university tuition fees.

Given Islam strictly prohibits both the paying and receiving of interest, many Muslim students face a conflict between funding their university course through taking a government backed interest-bearing loan and practicing their faith. As a result, thousands choose to forgo the massive benefits a university education offers.

Denying these principled young people access to university denies them equality of opportunity, which has got to be a cornerstone of our democratic, pluralist society. The current state of affairs is incredibly short sighted, and is condemning tens of thousands of practising Muslims to permanently lower career and life opportunities, hence storing up social cohesion and equality issues for decades to come. We believe in equality of access for all to a university education, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation or creed.
Complete the survey NOW at http://www.halalstudentloans.co.uk Closing date 12th June 214


Read Sheikh (Dr) Haitham al Haddad’s article supporting this campaign here

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