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India’s murderous new ruler gains Obama’s blessing

According to a statement issued by the U.S. State Department on May 16th 2014, the United States has welcomed the success of the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that U.S President Barack Obama will work to establish close communication with him when he composes his government and assumes the responsibilities of his office.[1] The US will work with the formed parliament and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.[2]

Recently CNN concluded its news report on the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, describing him as “anti-Muslim”[3] being the leader of one of the most malicious Hindu extremist groups. In the seventies Modi emerged as a supporter of the ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’ or RSS, a right wing Hindu social movement.[4] In 1988, the RSS party transferred Modi to the ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ or BJP and Modi assumed Secretary-General of BJP in the city of Gujarat. In 2001 Modi was elected as Chief Minister of Gujarat.[5] Riots broke out in the following year between Hindus and Muslims in the city, claiming the lives of over a thousand people, most of whom were Muslims. Modi was severely criticised and accused of neglecting his duty of halting the riots. However, following an investigation in 2013, the High Court of Justice declared him innocent of all charges.

French newspaper ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’ is seldom considered partial in favour of Islam or Muslims. Nonetheless, following an on-the-ground investigation it documented Modi’s crimes (‘the Ascension of Terrible Modi’).[6] Regrettably, some in the West—as we can expect—only pay heed to reports that suit their whims and more than often fail to recognise accounts that do not serve their hostility towards Islam and Muslims. While he may have shed crocodile tears over the riots, Modi refuses to utter a single word of apology for the brutality that transpired, while meanwhile commentators confirm that “Modi represents death to Muslims.”

Narendra Modi is the very same terrorist who led the Hinadak gangs’ destruction of the historic Babri Mosque in the city of Ayodhya in 1992, constructing a Hindu temple on its ruins.[7]

The twisted irony is that a man with such a disgraceful record is being welcomed so eagerly by the biggest peddles of ‘democracy’ in the world. This is in spite of the fact that Modi was actually barred from entering the United States from 2005-2014 (until now) due to the charges held against him for his crimes and atrocities against the Muslims of his own nation; crimes which CNN and most major Western media outlets have argued were sanctioned by the state as Muslims were turned into refugees in their own homes.

The West’s position has turned on its head, with Obama extending an invitation to this criminal to visit the US even before he officially took office, instructing his ambassador to India to congratulate Modi immediately after the results were announced.

Strangely enough people celebrate the victory of a man who possesses the ‘necessary qualifications’ of hatred against Islam and the killing of its followers, despite being labelled a ‘Blood Merchant’ by India’s National Congress Party (the secularist party led by Gandhi’s family) over ten years ago.[8] Ultimately the wicked world order regards the blood of Muslims to be worthless.

And from the impudence of this ‘elected’ murderer, is that when asked about the 2013 massacre he supported during his presidential campaign—a massacre that claimed the lives of over 2000 Muslims and displaced tens of thousands of others from Ahmedabad—he expressed that his sadness is similar to a back-seat passenger whose ride runs over a puppy![9]

If this is his abhorrent position regarding around 15% of India’s citizens (about 200 million Muslims), the grievances of the oppressed Muslims in India continuously fall upon deaf ears. Since his repugnant crimes were allowed unquestioned under his headship over one city, how will his racialist and hateful politics manifest now that he is the Prime Minister of India? All the while Obama shows his humiliating eagerness to meet him.

Source: www.islam21c.com

Translated from almoslim.com


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  1. One of the biggest genocides in history ,was the one carried out by Islam against the Hindus and Buddhists in India. This massacre took place over centuries of Islamic oppression. You Muslims have some nerve to criticize the Hindus for wanting to rid themselves of of your lot. Kharmas a bitch as they say.

    • lol of course…that’s why there are no Hindus or Buddhists in India. Hundreds of years of ‘genocidal’ Muslim rule…
      Or wait…there might be hundreds of millions of them in India because the ‘genocides’ were one of the colonial myths imperialists pulled out of their a*ses to divide and conquer.

      Well, one of the two.

      Genocides were spectacularly rare before white people started the trend when their civilisers brought them out of their caves. Jealousy was a terrible thing for some…

  2. Are there not enough people in the world, that you have to choose someone with a questionable history to lead you?

  3. I think its becoming too common now for muslims to vent their frustrations at the ruling leaders of western powers like America!!!

    This article should have focused on the muslim clergy in India and how THEY gave Modhi support in becoming the new leader of India, even though they knew of his murderous past!!!
    Maulana Qasmi, the leader of the Jamiat e Ulama e Hind who is in charge of the Deobandi institute and has 16,000 clerics as members of his party expressed his loyalty to Modhi, and even went as far as saying that he would organise a major muslim conference to endorse Modhi back in March 2014.

    So please, please, please, try not to jump on the bandwagon of being Anti USA all the time, rather address the problems with the muslim clergy in India from the Deobandi institute who have welcomed Modhi with open arms!!


    • It’s a fallacy to expect a one condemnation to prevent mentioning another. They’re not mutually exclusive.

      Despite that, urging people to vote for a new candidate (even if he is a shaytan) because you are desperate for change in a two party paradigm is not the same as treating someone as a close friend or ally.

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