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Planning for our Children’s Future

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 21 Min Read

Saʿīd b. Musayyib would say to his son: “By Allāh, I remember you at times which pushes me to pray extra prayers for the sake of your righteousness.”

Emotionally Intelligent or Incarcerated? 

Fahmeeda Matin 14 Min Read

It wasn’t until I experienced the mind-set transformation that I realised I was not emotionally intelligent at all. I was emotionally exhausted.

Psychology of the Mother-in-Law

Abu Abdillah 26 Min Read

Mother-in-laws typically get bad press. Imagine: the archetypal villain, hell-bent on making the life of her daughter-in-law as miserable as possible. But what are we missing?

They’ve taken my children. What do I do?

Ayshah Syed 29 Min Read

British Muslim parents fight to keep their children.

The Tarbiya of Marriage

Mohammed Hannan 10 Min Read

Short and simple—yet often overlooked—advice for a fruitful marriage

Building our Children’s Muslim Identity is Crucial

Niʿmah Ali 14 Min Read

Do you want to raise children who grow into happy, connected, proud and strong Muslim adults?