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A tale of loss, longing, and legacy in Palestine

Omar Alkhatib 4 Min Read

My beloved grandparents survived the 1948 Nakba; 75 years on, there is another Nakba taking place.

After Nakba – 9 reasons why it is time for Israel’s retirement

Abdullāh Ladadwi 12 Min Read

9 reasons why it is time for Israel's retirement Yet again we mark another birthday of the ongoing international catastrophe known as Israel. It has been more than seven decades since almost

The Pain of Invasion, Relief and the Way to Victory

Ahmed Hammuda 22 Min Read

Marking its 68th anniversary, very few remain to tell their story of the Nakbah, or the Palestinian Catastrophe, of 1948. One that culminated in the violent extermination and mass expulsion of millions

Reflecting on the Nakba by remembering the Prophet’s ﷺ Night Journey

Fahad Ansari 14 Min Read

Today marks the anniversary of one of the most catastrophic events to have taken place in recent history, an event that would constitute the foundations for decades of endless bloodshed, carnage and