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Breaking: Tariq Ramadan’s accuser Henda Ayari’s story close to collapsing

Tariq Ramadan’s rape accuser’s story is close to collapsing after it’s revealed that she was in fact at her brother’s wedding on the night she claims he raped her, according to Le Point. [1]

Henda Ayari, who accused prominent Muslim professor, Tariq Ramadan of sexual assault, recently changed her version of events. Initially Ms Ayari alleged that she was assaulted in March 2012 at the Crown Plaza in Paris; a claim which was always challenged by professor Ramadan’s legal team. [2]

However, it later emerged that the accuser had apparently mixed up her dates, claiming that the incident took place in May that same year, at a different Paris hotel altogether.

The case has now taken another extraordinary turn where the accuser claimed to have been raped by the professor on the evening of 26th May 2012, Henda Ayari was in fact purportedly at the wedding of her younger brother in the Seine-Maritime area. [3]

These new revelations certainly challenge the accusations made by the former “Salafist”, (now a secular and feminist activist), against the Swiss intellectual. The accuser has apparently been pictured at her brother’s wedding the same night she claims to have been raped.

According to Le Point, the accusers brother said:

“I cut the ties, but I see her from time to time when there is a wedding in the family,” he continues. […] Our age difference has always meant that we have never been close. But since all these stories, I do not want to have anything to do with her anymore. […] I want to tell you that when I heard in the media that she had filed a complaint, honestly, I told myself that she would succeed in having what she has always been striving for; fame. She has always dreamed of being a known figure. For me, she is an opportunist. On the rape in question, I do not believe it, but, well, I do not know.”

Asked about the specific date of May 26, 2012, Henda Ayari’s younger brother said that “it was the day of [his] marriage”. “It took place in Petit-Couronne, 7 or 8 kilometers from Rouen. […] The party began around 6pm or 7pm. 

“I remember that my sister was here that night. She was with her three children. I cannot tell you what time she left. […] According to my recollection, she was present and smiling, he testifies before the police officers of the Crim [The Criminal Unit]. It seems to me that we see her on a video of the marriage which is copied on a DVD. “

“I know that psychologically she is crazy. She is unbalanced. […] she’s a big mythomaniac. She is manipulative. She has several personalities. […] In any case, the date of May 26, 2012 does not stand up.” [4]

The article further added:

“In the aftermath of these statements, the investigators retrieved two photographic snapshots of the wedding on May 26th featuring Henda Ayari. The brother also confirms that his sister was in fact present at this ceremony from “8 pm to 3 am and was sitting at the table with friends of the bride.”

Professor Ramadan continues to be held in detention in France after voluntarily attending police questioning earlier this year. [5] The professor’s health continues to deteriorate as a result of multiple sclerosis and neuropathy.

Despite medical examinations and multiple physicians confirming that his health condition is incompatible with detention, [6] the French authorities have held him under solitary confinement and initially denied him visitation rights for the first 45 days – with no justification for such treatment. [7]

 “Tariq was walking the day he entered prison, today he comes to the visiting room in a wheelchair.” [8]

It remains to be seen whether this latest revelation will lead the judges to reconsider Professor Tariq Ramadan’s continued inexplicable detention.












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