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Shaykh Qaradawi to his imprisoned daughter: A year has passed and I haven’t forgotten you

Egyptian born and Qatar-based Shaykh, Prof Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi who is the Chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars wrote a letter to his daughter Ola, who has spent an entire year imprisoned in solitary confinement in Egypt. In his letter he protested the injustice that she has been suffering, and how his heart burns at her being subjected to a “deliberately slow execution”.

Al-Qaradawi said: “For an entire year in solitary confinement, in one of the world’s worst prisons, my daughter Ola al-Qaradawi has been subjected to terrible treatment in her tragic imprisonment. This unceasing abuse and humiliation is a deprivation of her most basic rights.”

He continued in his letter:

“A year has passed and we still wait for the consciousness of the people to move, for the asleep to wake up, and for the imprisoned to become free, and the dead hearts to regain their life.”

He added: “A year ago she was taken away from her home, her children, her grandchildren, her father, and from her brothers and sisters, to be put in solitary confinement that strips the individual of any rights and stops them from doing anything. Why? Simply because she is the daughter of al-Qaradawi, and she has Qatari citizenship. There’s no doubt that they (the Egyptian state) subjected a weak individual to this punishment to get back at Qatar and al-Qaradawi”.

The authorities arrested Ola al-Qaradawi and her husband Hossam Khalaf in early July 2017. She has since been held in solitary confinement in al-Qanaater Women’s Prison. Human rights organisation, Amnesty International has already concluded that the way the Egyptian state has dealt with her case amounts to torture by international standards.

Last Tuesday Ola began a hunger strike to “stop her torture, which amounts to a slow execution in her tragic imprisonment” according to her lawyer after the Giza Criminal Court decided to extend her imprisonment for 45 days.

Al-Qaradawi addressed his daughter saying:

“Oh my daughter I have not forgotten what you look like, and I still remember you in my mind, and I ask Allah in my supplications, prayers, and in my seclusion that He saves you from these oppressors, and every father feels the pain of his heart burning and making his eyes overflow whenever his daughter suffers an injustice or transgression”.

He went on to say: “This is how an innocent person in Egypt is thrown into prison, and this is how they are consigned to their oppression” adding “If I thought that putting in an appeal to them (the Egyptian authorities) would have worked, I would have done so, but they are completely heartless with rotten organs. Allah has removed mercy from their hearts, and their morals from their behaviours, while all of this is the case, I resort only to Allah who has lordship over the heavens and the earth, and sufficient is Allah as a guardian.”

Al-Qaradawi pleaded at the end of his letter:

“Every free person in this world should do what they are able to do save you and the tens of thousands of other unjustly imprisoned individuals from the abuse and oppression. So, to Allah is my complaint, and there is no power or ability to do anything except with Allah the Majestic, and I place you and your husband in the trust of Allah in who trust is never misplaced.”





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