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Indian Revolt 1857: the role of the Ulama 160 years on

Z A Rahman 18 Min Read

Z A Rahman ponders over the difference: the revolt led by the Ulama of India in May 1857 & the Ulama of CVE in 2017...

Egypt’s Coup Regime Wages war on its Neighbours after meeting Trump

Editor 3 Min Read

After waging war on its own citizens, coup regime authorities have unleashed their air force on numerous targets in Libya in what they claimed are the ‘training camps’ of the bus convoy

Portland Heroes stabbed whilst defending Muslim girls from Islamophobe

Z A Rahman 4 Min Read

The killer was heard saying: "Muslims should die!" But these non-Muslim men died protecting a Muslim teen from him....

Outrage over Douglas Murray’s anti-Muslim sermon on BBC Sunday Politics

Editor 5 Min Read

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have expressed outrage after the BBC Sunday Politics programme gave infamous ideologue Douglas Murray an unhindered short film to implicitly call for the “removal of Islam from the

Is LBC’s firing of Katie enough to combat Nazi ‘Solutions’?

Abdullāh Ladadwi 6 Min Read

In 1942, a sequence of events eventually culminated in the extermination of nearly 6 million Jewish men, women and children; and it all began with the euphemistically termed “Final Solution” to the

Beginning of Ramadān Announced

Editor 1 Min Read

Islam21c can assert the beginning of Shar’I Ramadān 1438 based eye-witness testimony . The official declaration of the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be given in the coming hours The