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Unscripted #54 | Who is paying for the pandemic?

We are joined by two financial experts, Tarek el-Diwany, author of ‘The Problem with Interest’ and others, and Umer Suleman, as they talk everything money from cryptocurrency, furlough schemes, to buying a house in a pandemic, and much, much more. This is not a podcast you want to miss!


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About Tarek el-Diwany

Tarek El-Diwany is a writer and consultant in Islamic banking and finance. He holds a BA Hons in Accounting & Finance from the University of Lancaster in the UK (1985) and is a founding partner of Zest Advisory LLP which provides consultancy on matters of Islamic economics to a wide range of institutional clients. Between 1996 and 1998 he headed the Islamic Finance Department at Prebon Yamane in London, and is the author of 'The Problem with Interest' and a contributor to the book 'People First Economics'.

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