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Rizq & resilience through reliance on al-Razzāq

Financial and emotional security is gained through trust in Allah, regular du'ā, seeking forgiveness, and giving charity.

Turkey’s Economic Problems Will Give Conservative Muslims Another PR Challenge

Ustadh Wahid Azizi offers some thoughts with respect to the depreciation of the Turkish lira.

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Is Bitcoin Halal? A Masterclass Decrypting Cryptocurrency

This article captures an interview organised by the Islamic Council of Europe (ICE) with Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar, one of its Standing Shariah Committee members on the topic of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and more.

Scholars vs Sultans

In this instalment, Ahmed Hammuda describes how scholars of the past not only curtailed the political establishment but empowered society to morally ‘punish’ it should it lose sight of justice.

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Here’s how you can buy Asda in a halal way

Can you get mega rich in a halal way in today's business world?

Fatwa: Student Loans are Permissible

Islamic judge and finance expert Dr Sajid Umar writes about the student "loan" from a Sharia paradigm.

Unscripted #54 | Who is paying for the pandemic?

Salman Butt gets refuted by Tarek el-Diwany

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A crime that eradicated a nation

The people of Prophet Shu'aib fell into ruins because of this doing. The question remains, are we victims of it today?

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The Five Pillars of Oppression

Oppression has pillars; specifically, five of them. If present, then the equation of subjugation becomes complete.

Are You Saving For Your Kids Yet?

There really is no time to waste when it comes to investing and saving for your children.