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Each morning that I wake & rise,
yields uncertainty, progress and demise,

A world the similitude of a giant, complex race,
with me trapped within, can I keep up with the pace?

A state of confusion, with unlimited choices to make,
What shall I do with my life & how can I find out what’s at stake?

I wish that someone would help me & guide me to realise…
The purpose of this life, how to act & prioritise?

My existence necessitates that the One who made me is Powerful,
The blessings that surround me manifests that He is Merciful.

Why not teach me how You would like me to serve You?
Why don’t You give me some guidelines so that I can obey You?

I need examples & evidence & most of all clarity,
I need a miracle for proof, so I can proclaim to humanity.

Give me something to hold, that will penetrate through my heart and chest,
Concise, with solutions, to be my light through this quest.

Something to protect & defend, a cure that provides me with might,
Something that will bring me to tears in the midst of the night.

If I ever find such a masterpiece, with perfection and beauty,
I give my unequivocal consent that it will be an evidence for me or against me.

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