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In Search of Intellectual Charlotte

The Sun, The moon, The stars all observed in flowing orbit,
Awe of the universe,
that seek to ignite the inner intellectual charlotte
The inspiration of the striking awe of creation,
that melts the,
stone heart, from stone to boiling lava molten,

The boiling heart, that unleashes the inner mind,
to ignite creativity,
with intellect it unite, opening the third eye-blind,

A state of inspiration, the boiling heart melted,
from stone,
by the awe of wonder, a state-in spiritualy gifted,

State which seek the eternal wisdom, eternal goodness,
to find the ultimate, seeking truth,
expresssed in the structures of mind, forming precious,

A echoes of the truths formed at that time, to the shallow,
find they corny, basless,
but for the thinking mind a door open to the heavinly window,

At that moment of beauty, Effects on the body we see,
of Love, hope, hate, awe,
A state of mind that unites to accept the divine decree,

Inpirations that fill the heart, flow to the pen write,
standing at the,
ocean of delight, struck by the Guided – inpired day-light,

Words, structures, all become limitless to encompass,
the entire – infinite vision – words
try to describe, yet to my stoned heart meaning baseless,

How show I the beauty of the vision I see, living in this lost,
world, limited by equations,
failed they to explain my vision, a strange thing – to truth cost,

But my boiling heart see, unite with my intellect to define,
love, God, A state at the
mercy of God, a gift, a state at which existence become benign,

The vision I see of existence.. reality it harshes and me impress
the limit of my mind-for-Forgive me
Dearest readers, In these shallow- clieches-I endeavour to express.



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