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Learning to Love and Care

Mercy and Forgiveness that has lacked,
in this world that I have hatched,
Wanting to find true Love has enhanced,
Crying tears to soften my heart shunned,
Lack of love has caused so many many,
Evils, Racism, Hate, wars of those any,
love forget to give which not cost a penny,
swimming in cloak of pride, of us so many
Families so many broken and Relationships  hurt,
hope and truth lost in the saddness of flirt,
Broken homes, only true love can make it revert,
So many massages in my heart that wish to alert,
How do I experience in me true love and,
compassion to fall in tears of my empty hand,
Dont go too far far away, see in homeland,
watch the tears of the living and in honor stand,
So many deaths everyday, fathers, brothers,
sisters, loved ones, tears fall of so many others,
Watch it, Soften it will heart like a tender feather,
Allow you to experience the benign eternal love of a mother,
Tears of others and happiness of others we share,
is the thing that raises conciousness of love and care,
complimented with true understanding of Divine flare,
Marry my feeling with others, love will ignite I bare
Allow us to fall in to places of loveness,
from superficial gay to true happiness,
Endear us to the truth without doubtfulness,
Turn towards God with true heart and humbleness,
Such are the words of this lost and poor soul,
Wishing to bring us close to power of tall love pole,
Helping us reach our true and eternal goal,
to enter in Garden of prayers with love as whole.

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