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Morality or Law

As one reflects on the ideas of this,
debate, willingness to
change, to find let me go deep in abyss.
Meanings are found in the deepest of,
thoughts, clashe in side,
but inspiration is that which comes from love,

Listen to the words of this wretched soul,
reflecting on this,
idea of morality for this defines his dear Goal,

Morality floats between those of two,
the ones limit to instincts
while other say its God who down-threw,

Arguments are endless, readings infinite,
so many sides,
but then how one seeks to be definite,

So the christian brethern have their,
argument for God-existence
without God-morality, we all despair,

Athesit respond with a claim high,
that morality in
our instincts, God with this we not buy

This stranger fell with the atheist view,
as he see in Quran,
appeal to instinct, and this aint nothing new,

I question deep in you, why did God?
allowed the revealed ones,
to be law but not the man made! Fahd.,

Maybe cos the man made could just,
go againt the instinct,
and Ah! the devil justify by it his lust,

So what did I feel about this revealed,
I am sure it aint to tell
me to kill is wrong then what is this shield,

I think it give law, to define consequences,
of my instincitve wrong-right,
to makes us pure, from those disastrousness!

We attribute Law to God, so while morality,
to our instincts! go against this law
we know you hide something, it aint no orginality.

Such are the disputes between reason,
to which we say
the only solution is all divine revelation.

Safe! Here I end my discussion of this,
huge and deep
of all topics, pray  humanity in Father-bliss !!

As one reflects on the ideas of this,
sincere willingness to
change, ideas.. just lost.. back deep in abyss.

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