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Regime Change: Western style

The debacle and contradiction that has become the Middle East doesn’t cease to amaze, with the continuous instigation of Western governments with malign intentions the Middle East has forestalled peace as if it would usher in the era of the anti Christ, and thus, the Middle East seems to be in a perpetual cycle of conflict, one successively pursuing the other. As for the current devastation of Gaza and murder of its inhabitants, it will inevitably pass and we’ll move onto the next, akin to Fisk’s observation a couple of weeks ago.

However, if any massacre were to teach us a lesson, the current one is just as good as any, if not better, as for the first time in a long while the veil has been lifted on the true nature of Zionism, its wicked roots in both Israel and America, the oppressive nature of Middle Eastern dictators, the hypocrisy of Europe, and the helpless nature of people all around the world who call for justice and peace. As the events of the past three weeks unfold and continue to do so, what can be salvaged from such disgraceful events?

It is indeed the call of the West that Secular Democracy be practiced in all four corners of the earth, that democracy lead to citizens living under rulers and leaders who prove themselves as being just, righteous, and in the interest of the people. Yet, this same democracy has only served to provide a front to the imperialistic tendencies of the West whereby the guise of democracy is used to subjugate the Muslim peoples all over the Middle East through the establishment of corrupt and power-hungry dictators who disregard the plight of the oppressed in a bid to fill their pockets and maintain their positions. Furthermore, democracy is only considered when dictators are handed positions of power, yet that which opposes the Western scheme of imperial subjugation seems to be demonised and destroyed by land, sea, and air.

Of course, all of this is controlled in the political arena, where people who were until recently unknown come to fore dictating global strategies in an attempt to maintain control over all things which lead to either money or power, destroying any sanctity that life once enjoyed. In this midst there are those who refuse to keep quiet, risking their lives and that of their families in the hope that the world will be a better place to live for the common man, and not a playground for individuals who control armies of secret policemen who murder, imprison and torture anyone who stands for righteousness.

The colonial state of Israel1 has finally managed to expose its iniquitous nature, the scheming nature of Zionists being traded in for a more nonchalant approach to the massacre of Gazans. It may seem to some commentators that Israel has been duped (by Hamas) into waging full-scale war on a starved people, but the reality is that American backing for its sponsored colony is at an all time high affording the Israeli leadership the chance to massacre Gazans unhindered. What has propelled this new found brutality is the urgent need to destroy any voice of opposition from the Palestinian camp before the inauguration of Obama. Of course, it isn’t that the Israeli’s fully believe that Obama will censure them, but its more the uneasy feeling of uncertainty, although Obama’s choice for Chief-of-Staff and other positions as well as his allegiance to AIPAC should aid in Israel’s discernment.

Israel is indeed guilty, not of mere war crimes but crimes against humanity, whereby they have shot and killed fleeing Gazans2, gathered women and children into a building only then to shell it3, killed masses of innocent civilians (mostly children) seeking refuge in UN schools4, shelled families laying asleep in their beds5, and many other appalling murders. In keeping with the degraded morals of the oppressive Zionist Jewish state, Jerusalem has banned news companies and journalists from Gaza, evidently demonstrating their intent to murder the innocent residents of Gaza behind closed doors, as Jon Snow alluded, “When the Israelis exclude the media, they know what they are doing…It’s a war in which the propaganda machines have been in full cry.”6 Fortunately, Al Jazeera has correspondents who actually reside in Gaza, ensuring that some form of courage of the massacre is covered and that Israeli atrocities are showcased, although, Al Jazeera is all but banned in the US with American Zionist groups opposing cable providers carrying the channel.7

Israel’s lack of humanity is rooted in its ideology, namely Zionism, a racist belief that establishes Jewish supremacy and the right to shed the blood of Arabs with impunity, something the Gaza massacre has clearly demonstrated. It is this state of perceived racial superiority that has led to Israeli arrogance where Olmert claimed in a public address in Ashkelon, that “he reached Bush by phone 10 minutes before the vote was to occur and told him, “You can’t vote for it.” Olmert, speaking to an audience in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, said Bush quickly contacted Rice and “gave an order to the secretary of State…She was left pretty embarrassed, abstaining on a draft resolution she organized herself,””8 In further arrogance, Israel not only disregarded calls by the UN for a ceasefire but instead shelled UN schools and drivers working for the UN Relief and Works Agency, an aid convoy about which the Israeli army had been notified in advance. However, it’s not all that surprising that the Israeli army has attempted to drive away aid agencies given that when Red Cross workers and four ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society finally managed to enter the Zaytun neighbourhood of Gaza City they found four children in a building cowering behind the corpses of their dead mothers, too weak to stand due to prolonged hunger and terror. “”This is a shocking incident,” said Pierre Wettach, the ICRC’s chief official for Israel and the Palestinian territories. “The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestine Red Crescent to assist the wounded.””9

It was these accounts that prompted a few Western governments (at the behest of its citizens) to oppose Israeli acts of terror, yet continued to stand aside admiring the killing of Gazans with Israeli white phosphorous shells, “Phosphorus shells burst in the air billowing white smoke before dropping the phosphate shell. Each shell contain more than 100 wavers which, when ignited, pump out smoke for about 10 minutes. Contact with the shell remnants cause severe burns, sometimes burning the skin to the bone.”10 Such acts are reminiscent of the American use of napalm on Vietnamese women and children, and once again in support of the murderous Zionist entity, the US had no comment. But then again, it has become quite apparent that rather than Israel conforming to the will of the US, it actually works conversely with America offering her support to whatever gross act Israel commits herself to. Indeed, such support is only afforded through ‘lobbying’ the senate of the US, a term which only serves in meaning as bribing senate members to support Israel, with Obama recently also joining the AIPAC fan club. These Zionists have thus managed to control the senate, and in effect, the entire United States, with US foreign policy reflecting Israeli interest as opposed to their own.

It was actually Israel who incited America’s current occupation of Iraq, who is foremost in instigated a war with Iran, and is the chief proponent in calling for the destruction of Hamas. It is indeed Israel, the so called ‘lone democracy in the Middle East’ that has called for the destruction of Hamas, the democratically elected government of Palestine, and for it to be replaced with Mahmoud Abbas heading the PA. However, “To find both the US and Britain failing to condemn the Israeli onslaught while blaming Hamas is not surprising. US Middle East policy and Israeli policy are now indistinguishable and Gordon Brown is following the same dog-like devotion to the Bush administration as his predecessor.”11

The West has showed it’s severely dislike for Hamas, being blamed “for last month’s breakdown of the six-month tahdi’a, or lull. But, in a weary reprise of past ceasefires, it was in fact sunk by Israel’s assassination of six Hamas fighters in Gaza on 5 November and its refusal to lift its siege of the embattled territory as expected under an Egyptian-brokered deal. The truth is that Israel and its Western sponsors have set their face against an accommodation with the Palestinians’ democratic choice and have instead thrown their political weight, cash and arms behind a sustained attempt to overthrow it…”12 This has evidently proved difficult, and so, in an attempt to invalidate the choice of the Palestinian people, the West and its stooges have devised a plan to weaken Hamas in the subtlest of ways. Not only is Gaza now to be occupied by other foreign troops, but the borders of Gaza is to be patrolled in order to ensure Hamas cannot rearm. However, in view of current events, it is clearly evident that preventing Hamas’ rearmament is only an iniquitous bid to ensure that this time the Palestinians do not make as much racket when being subjugated by the tyrannical Jewish state. Indeed this point was made by Blair’s sister-in-law in response to Blair’s comments concerning destroying cross-border tunnels, “Tony Blair’s only comment regarding the ceasefire has been to say that it can only take place after the tunnels in Gaza are destroyed…What he is suggesting means that after the massacre people will have no access to food, kerosene and medicines that came through those tunnels. That is not a ceasefire that is a slow agonising death.”13 Furthermore, if Hamas is to be observed so as to reduce its arms, who will be observing Israel?

Israel, in similar fashion to the Nazi’s has aimed at destroying the Palestinians in any way possible, although their current military expedition ended with failure, “Hamas fired off more rockets at Israel, proving that Israel’s primary war aim – to stop the missiles – had failed.”14 Although the Zionist entity was unable to destroy Hamas, they have now called on other governments to aid them, whereby post-massacre resolutions such as the destroying of tunnels will be accompanied with restricted entry and crossings, a closed sea port and Israeli control of airspace. In fact, it is a return to the Gaza prison, whose inmates number one and a half million and are forced to live in such conditions by the consensus of the West, forced to acquiesce without protest to another swingeing blockade, a fact no Western leader ever seems seriously to address.15

This is the export of Western democracy, a farce where Western nations continue with their colonial expansionism either killing off their opposition or paying off dictators who support their repression. “The Arabs themselves are partly to blame. Egypt and the Gulf states have been all too easily corrupted into taking part in this divide-and-rule approach to Palestine and to heating up a US-promoted and Iraq-based vision of a fundamental Middle Eastern conflict between Sunni and Shia, which no self-respecting Muslim regime should have countenanced.”16 Those nations that object to their malign plans are swiftly denounced, such as Venezuela’s act of dispelling Israel’s ambassador for a campaignthat“constituted “flagrant violations of international law” and the use of “state terrorism”.”17

It is in keeping with the dictates of colonial expansionism that the West and Israel have sought to empower Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah, an entity easily puppetted. Indeed, “Millions of pounds of British government money is going to Palestinian security forces which use methods of torture including hanging prisoners by their feet and putting them in “stress” positions for hours at a time.”18 The Palestinian Authority security forces are in actuality Fatah gunmen supplied with American weapons with the aim of killing Hamas and oppressing the Palestinian peoples. In Egyptian secret police fashion, the security forces of the PA quite recently kept a tight lid on protests in the West Bank, preventing confrontations with Israeli troops and arresting anyone raising Hamas banners at rallies.19

The current devastation of Palestine is nothing but an attempt to silence the democratic choice of the Palestinian people, and to prop up another oppressive Arab regime that is ever-willing to kill its own population and lend an emissary’s eye to Israel for the delivery of US made bombs to the beds of sleeping children. In this continuing trend of perpetuating crimes against humanity, the West has made it their utmost priority to disband any people calling for the establishment of shari’ah (Islamic law), knowing full well that its establishment will usher in an age of righteousness and justice as opposed to the tyranny the Middle East has become accustomed to.

The crime of Hamas has been none other than an attempt to free Gaza from the clutches of Israel’s crippling blockade and occupation. It is then inevitable that Hamas as the elected government of Palestine attempt to free Gaza, the firing of Grad rockets into Israel symbolising that attempt. To claim that Hamas is just as bad as Israel is fallacious given the fact that Hamas does not aim at innocent civilians, but instead fires rockets into Israel in order to maintain a persistent voice of resistance no matter how minute or ineffective it may be, for raising awareness of Gaza’s plight is better than dying silently. If, for example, Israel or the US were to be blockaded by land and sea with foreign fighter jets occasionally patrolling its airspace, would we expect anything other than an nuclear bomb being used against the aggressors? SO why is it so unfounded and unbelievable that Hamas do its utmost (which in this case is Grad rockets) to repel Israeli oppression? Such audacity and courage has won Hamas “powerful new supporters, including democratic Turkey, while Western allies, such as the Egyptian and Saudi dictatorships, have lost more credibility by being seen to have tacitly supported Israel’s attempt to crush Hamas at the expense of the Palestinians of Gaza.”20 With Hamas’ acceptance of a unilateral ceasefire, there comes a sneaky suspicion that once again Israel will fail to live up to her side of the agreement which will inevitably re-ignite hostilities with Hamas, once again, being blamed by the West and Middle Eastern dictatorships. Of course, Hamas has refused to go without a fight, and in reference to the bid the prevent Hamas’ rearmament they have claim “Do whatever you want. Manufacturing the holy weapons is our mission and we know how to acquire weapons.”21

It is rare that a fairly rational individual ever be in agreement with George W. Bush, but his farewell speech should ironically stand as testament to the British people, “Murdering the innocent to advance an ideology is wrong every time, everywhere. Freeing people from oppression and despair is eternally right. This nation must continue to speak out for justice and truth. We must always be willing to act in their defence – and to advance the cause of peace.”22

It is indeed Hamas who is standing in the dark with the candle of resistance against oppression and hope, not only for Muslims, but for all those who stand for freedom and justice. Thus, is not “willing to act in their defence – and to advance the cause of peace…eternally right”?




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