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17 suspicious facts about Daesh

Under US-led aerial bombardment, Iraqi Government forces and pro-Iranian militia known as the ‘National Mobilisation Front’ continue their assault on Sunni neighbourhoods. Although disturbed and aggravated, many Muslims around the world are struggling to understand exactly what is happening. On the one hand we recognise the atrociousness of these crimes, yet on the other, and lending to the tangled and delusional propaganda delivered by those forces complicit in the ‘grander objective’, we are made to think that the alternative is ISIS, or Daesh. Daesh, however, is now well known to be a perverted group, either a contemporary stroke of the Khawarij whose persistent support to the interests of western hegemony, the despotic Syrian regime and Iran are just an unfortunate coincidence; or an outright colonial project.

Apart from the readily available evidence and arguments that links them to both despotic regimes[1] and western governments[2], simple, common sense prevails through their very scheming handiwork, even in Iraq where it is less clear. Before adding 17 vital issues to this effect for each and every one of us to consider, we must note that Sunnism is not a ‘sect’ as we are made to believe, nor is it merely an alternative dogma, it is practically the entire Muslim nation that does not adopt a schism or agree to sectarianism.

With that in mind, consider the following.

1) Six Iraqi Sunni provinces rebelled against the previous Maliki sectarian government and did not participate in the latest elections; a political rebellion long before the current armed struggle.

2) The Sunni revolt was nearing success and gained huge popular support, particularly in Western Iraq before Daesh became involved.

3) Mosul was suddenly handed over by the Iraqi Regime to Daesh with all of its equipment and everything in it and without forewarning in June 2014. Up to 30,000 Iraqi soldiers fled an attacking force of 1,500.[3]

4) Daesh has since only ever infiltrated Sunni areas and has never even gone near to the Iranian border. Tehran previously limited Daesh’s presence to within 40km of the Iraqi-Iranian border and this warning was issued publicly.[4] The group, ready to adopt attacks on powerful states including Turkey has thus far respected Iran’s wishes.

5) Convoys comprising tens or hundreds of vehicles owned by Daesh regularly move through Iraqi desert land, holding identity flags without anyone or anything—aircraft or military personnel—confronting them. Note here that the oft-touted ‘Counter-ISIL’ military coalition in Iraq comprises of 60 active member states,[5] with eye-watering contracts with private “defence” corporations.

6) Daesh has halted its advancement at the borders of Samarra and Baghdad and has not fired a single bullet into Shi’ite territory.

7) Daesh’s extending northern front has stopped at the borders of Kurdistan, not taking a single step into Kurdish territory. Daesh’s crimes have so far occurred solely against Sunni areas and states and specifically in the six provinces it occupies.

8) Battles took place in areas such as Palmyra that created a convenient smokescreen for its cunning end. These supposed battles brought about no positive outcomes for the Syrian Revolution, but only bolstered the group’s munitions under the watchful eye of the so-called International Coalition. Both Palmyra and Raqqa were, before Daesh, liberated by revolutionary groups from the Syrian Regime, but upon Daesh entering, they were handed over to the Syrian Regime[6] and the Kurdish PKK, respectively.

9) Daesh, instead of retrieving their regions have moved on to assault the next Islamic Revolution stronghold; the town of Marea, located 25km north of Aleppo.

10) Those who know Iran’s strategy appreciate that it is willing to sacrifice hundreds or even thousands of Arab Shi’ites in order to achieve its grander expansionist objectives. Iran is happy for Daesh to execute some Shi’ite Arabs, if this feeds its wider campaign of bringing the region under its control.

11) Daesh have declared Kufr (disbelief) on everyone but have yet to declare Kufr on Iran or a single Iranian official. Other perverted stances include their declaration of Kufr against the Palestinian Islamic Resistance group Hamas which did not extend to Hamas’ more secular rival Fateh. Everyone, particularly Islamic groups are, by their classification apostates, a member of a ‘Sahwa’[7] movement and all of their opponents are outside of the fold of Islam.

12) Upon entering any province, Daesh give its residents the option of giving the pledge of allegiance to their leader ‘al Baghdadi’, thus surrendering their weapons in exchange for promised ‘protection’ or of facing execution at knife-point. After collecting the residents’ arms and taking exclusive control of it, they begin carrying out their cunning plan.

13) The provinces’ residents are then subject to starvation and besiegement by the criminal and sectarian ‘Popular Mobilisation’ and the residents of the province are dispersed in every direction. A sham battle takes place in which Daesh boast about killing scores of ‘Safawis‘, releasing video after video about the ‘Lions of the Khilafah‘ and the ‘Soldiers of the Khalifah‘ and other such nonsense that entices the emotions of the mindless.

14) The result, every time, is exactly the same; an ignominious defeat in every Sunni area (Tikrit, Ramadi and others) that Daesh are present in. Daesh’s fighters withdraw to another area, leaving its civilians to suffer the brunt of the ruthless, Shi’ite ‘Mobilisation Front’ alone through looting, burning, killing and rape. This ends in the complete annihilation of that area, wiping it completely off the map.

15) Likewise the process of eliminating Iraq’s Sunni communities is carried out, one community at a time. After Fallujah the only province left is Mosul and its fate does not look any more promising. At this point Daesh will have completed their objective, handing over the Sunnis and their areas to the sectarians and ending the Sunni presence (as communities) in Iraq. All the while the world cheers on under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorism.

16) Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who is al-Baghdadi’s likely replacement recently announced their readiness to go back to the desert, indifferent about the ongoing destruction of towns and desecration of people’s honour, not least women. The main thing is that they remain as an idea, despite their oft-parroted slogan “the state (Daesh) will remain and stretch further.”

17) Daesh have almost completed their objective in Iraq which is much like their objective in Syria. It is well known that they weakened and assaulted the Syrian Islamic revolutionary groups in the latter, after having controlled the majority of Syria’s territories.

In fact the international perceived threat of Syria being overruled by mainstream Muslim groups—its people’s will—is what has created alarm bells for both the US and Russia who, instead of supporting the people’s revolution, have weakened the groups who are fighting the regime and Daesh at the same time. So even if the above impression of ‘conspiracy’ is not entirely true, it is therefore impossible to envisage a project that serves Iran and Bashar’s interests better than Daesh and all of those complicit with it.

Source: www.islam21c.com


[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/25/isils-deal-with-bashar-al-assad-and-the-40m-a-month-oil-profits/

[2] http://www.globalresearch.ca/america-created-al-qaeda-and-the-isis-terror-group/5402881

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[7] According to the Middle East Policy Council, “From 2007 to 2008, Iraq’s tribal “Sahwa” (Arabic for “Awakening”) was a key component of the U.S. “surge” strategy and largely credited for its role in the dramatic reduction of violence across the country“, specifically targeting groups opposed to the US led invasion.

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  1. abd -Allah al jannati al aslee

    Alhamdullah i believe but im not yet a muslim…

    In my arrogant humble opinion…i think that the problem (one of)of the khawarijite problem we face today of the liars of those serving zionistic agendas…lets say by the subject topic at hand…is racism….thier kunyas is just one example…..we also got it infiltrated in our circles of onlne media..whether songs and what ever.in the end Allah knows best.alhamdullah i aim to be muslim ie to submit to what He taught our Beloved the merciful one, the slave of the Merciful and Gracious One Allah.

    Pethaps the establisment after the mosque was brotherhood for so many reasons…

    The modern day abdullah ibn saba’s are doing great evil mischief on earth…..but wonder what things they call and say about the brother of our beloved issac the kareem son of the kareem son of kareem…

    Either way…in sha Allah one day we will all put aside differences and hatred and the initial trouble making racist will be shun out of our lives…while we are in our initial abode/home of residence ie the place our common father got kicked out of.Allahoma ameen

    • got to repent....and give up sin

      Oops w qadr Allah..w ma sha wa fal…

      While we were……..!!!

      May we all make the correct and right choices….

      We all have been made into tribes and nations…as Allah says in His book that we come to know that the best of us in His sight are the most righteous…..

      So as to the above mentioned comment….one sec…was going to write after the second just written and gone……………well i wont now .let me just say that i just made satan flee and cry.

      Just to end this comment on a meaning and a reminder of a hadith of those who call to and if they happen to die upon that..then they are in the hell fire…ie al asabayia.

      Al-hamdullah we are all differently the same…different nations and different borders…different everything….main thing that matters in Allah’s sight and is of any benefit to any of us is our belief and submission in there being only One God…Allah Akbar.

      La ilah ila Allah

      • heaven/dust/ or Allah's pleasure......first two i want none..i hope as for you..we can bring ourselves to earn His pleasure

        Apologies…to the editors and web makers and runners….

        Were or are…..wooops.

        In sha Allah…if it is i that is roasting in hell…then please make dua and shafaa for me….but then again ..fortunantly and un….i do not know none…of you and neither any of you me…and may that always be…amen/ameen

        Over and out…im done…for now..anyway.


        • i dont know where my home is either.....May Allah like He always does guide and protect....

          Oh yeah may gm food also be shun and gone…too


  2. wow – Are sister Asia and brother Jago the only free thinking AND sensible talking people around here??!
    Come on brother Abdullah.. you must admit this article is pretty lame. As for Kam.. ermm, no comment!

  3. Are sister Asia and brother Jago the only free thinking AND sensible talking people around here??!
    Come on brother Abdullah.. you must admit this article is pretty lame. As for Kam.. ermm, no comment!

  4. Time to reflect

    Worth considering that the level of cruelty and killing of Muslims that ISIS has shown is not known of sunni Muslims. This is the hall mark of Shia extremists with a deep seated hatred of orthodox Islam. You only have to look at the strength of the Assad resistance before ISIS entered Syria compared to its relative weakness now. ISIS’s primary aim is to divide the sunni resistance in Iraq and Syria and provide a pretext for western and Russian intervention.

  5. One more thing, have you written an article for the destruction of the Burma regime which is killing and displacing Muslims on a daily basis. A regime that right after it started that campaign had its sanctions LIFTED by the US government? This article is awash with hearsay and speculation.

    The article mentions links to western governments and despotic regimes. Where is the evidence. This isn’t in defense of Daesh or any other militant group but rather it is mind boggling the tunnel vision. Every arab government ADMITS to being allies with western Zionist powers, most have US MILITARY bases on their soil, some even have peace treaties with Israel.

    1. The sunni provinces did for the most part not participate in the elections…a ‘political rebellion’? What is that exactly besides sitting on your hands and being punked. After a decade of being slaughtered by the US installed shia sectarian government it was only a matter of time before the people picked up arms again…despite being disarmed in a large part by the ‘government’ and occupying troops.

    2. The Sunni ‘revolt’ was gaining support and nearing success? Success how. Those in charge laugh their asses off every time people wander into the streets today to chant slogans, especially when it goes on for months and years. Here in the US we have annual demonstrations for DECADES…nothing happens. The only thing that was ‘nearing’ in Iraq was armed rebellion by the sunnis. False flag attacks have already started and their will be more to divide the sunnis there, just like a decade ago.

    3. Mosul wasn’t ‘handed over’. The sectarian Iraqi soldiers were conscripts, the attacking force of allied Daesh and sunni tribal fighters were idealogically motivated. The soldiers wanted to sit around and get their small amount of pay. Many of their commanders were not even on their posts, the others fled. They had no idea of knowing it was a much smaller force attacking. The objective was to free prisoners and hit a few security facilities, not take the city. The cowards fled in haste, not having time to destroy and weapon depots and not having any orders to take any action. The attacking force took advantage of the situation and took the city. Is it not believable….does the quran not tell us how many times a small force overwhelms a larger force? And history has many examples of similar circumstances…are all these historical instances nothing but the product of great conspiracies?

    4. For the most part yes, Daesh has only taken over Sunni areas. This should not be a difficult concept to grasp why, and one does not need to be a expert military strategist to see why. Most of these areas number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions…do you not see it would be impossible for a small force to rule over an unfriendly population? This would also not be a primary objective as the primary objective is to rule over SUNNI areas and kick out the shia death squads from those areas. They have not held back their tongues from attacking the Iranian regime..but directly attacking the Iranian border would be an invitation for the Iranian military to directly cross. Saddam could not beat the Iranians even after the Iranians had begun dismantling their military after the Islamic Revolution there…even with western and gulf money and support….and you think that Daesh, which isn’t a standing military, who numbers in the low tens of thousands not counting allied sunni tribal fighters actually thinks it could beat Iran head to head right now? Iran is a powerhouse…Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Jordan and all the rest would get steamrolled by Iran. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff for decades of done war game scenarios regarding an invasion of Iran…and they have not come up with a scenario in which the US wins.

    5. The convoys do get bombed regularly. Daesh moving in large convoys was a thing 2 years back. Daesh has had to change tactics and move in groups of 2 or 3 cars at a time. This article was written a day ago. Several days before that (this was front page news, surely you saw this) Daesh fighters, their families, and other sunnis from Fallujah attempted to flee as a convoy that stretched for 7 miles. US news articles report it as Daesh fighters and their FAMILIES (they actually admit the convoy was full of civilians) trying to flee. Iraqi and US aircraft strafed and bombed up and down the highway as the Sunnis fled the shia advance.

    6. Advance into Samarra and Baghdad has been halted for a number of reasons, masses of Iranian backed shia death squads, pressure on other fronts preventing a large push, and the fact that Baghdad is literal fortress of cement blast walls. The odd mortar shell and militant cell has wreaked havoc in Baghdad though. If it wasn’t for the unwise decision to attack the radical Kurdish regions Baghdad would have fallen over a year ago easily.

    7. Again, Daesh did attack Kurdistan, the Kurds their despite being of different factions are highly organized and there is a much larger US presence there that they allow reported on the news. There always has been. The attacks on Kurdistan stalled and were actually very unwise as the group was already fighting on so many fronts.

    8. Palmyra and Raqqa have not been ‘handed’ over to the Assadists or the PKK…where are you getting this. A massive Russian military presence helped kick Daesh out of Palmyra…but even a few weeks ago Daesh in counter attacking.

    9. Despite trying to hold territory Daesh is not a standing military although they have taken on the tactics of more conventional forces, changing from their old 4th generation warfare approach, as they lose territory they will revert back to the 4th gen warfare tactics as they are now. Even at the height of their success they did not follow US/western military doctrine which is antiquated and firepower dependent. Their style is ‘eastern’ and similar to german ww1/ww2 tactics in many cases. Areas they have lost or that the enemy is attacking in force they will pull back from and attack elsewhere, hitting their enemy where they are weak, avoiding the enemy where they are present in large groups. These are sound military tactics and vital to survival and success, not the product of some vast conspiracy.

    10. Don’t have an issue with this one. True, but the same is true for any of the regional governments….or almost any world government for that matter.

    11. Untrue. They have not declared kufr on ‘EVERYONE’. That statement is incredibly vague and blanket and simply not true. They have declared the shia as not muslims…which many notable sunni scholars, even ‘palace’ scholars have done as well. I do not recall them declaring the Iranian government as ‘kuffar’ specifically…but as it is run by extremist shia…they essentially have. They have attacked both Hamas and Fatah verbally for their policies, their taking part in elections, and their compromises, but the majority of their condemnation has gone towards Hamas as most consider Hamas as an Islamic group while Fatah are more nationalists and known nearly universally by all but the most ignorant muslim as collaborators as their support from Israel and western leaders spoken by those same leaders.

    12. Correct. But still don’t know what you mean by cunning plan.

    13. Any cities taken over by rebels, whether Islamist or not, have been subject to bombardment and starvation. It is only Daesh cities and civilians which have been subject to gulf and US bombs though.

    14. Strange take on it. Any military force would pull back in the face of overwhelming force….as staying simply to die is a prideful and foolish error. There are plenty of sunni men in those areas that could fight the regimes…if they had the guts…perhaps…even though it seems like all the males have fled like cowards to Europe. Again I point to Fallujah, 500-700 vehicles attempted to flee with the small Daesh force, those sunni civilians were killed by US and Iraqi aircraft.

    15. Mosul and sunni areas were already in the grip of sectarian shia death squads. They were kicked out. Now they are coming back. Plenty of population there…why don’t they fight.

    16. Again, a strange take on their pulling out in the face of overwhelming force. Attacked by air, sectarian shia death squads, communist Kurdish US proxies…going back to 4th gen warfare is the ONLY option at this point. Any force, regardless of ideology, religion, ethnicity, would readopt this tactic if it wishes to survive and achieve victory. Using 4th gen war tactics sunni insurgents survived a decade of shia death squads and US occupation, the afghans did the same thing under colonial british, then soviet, then US occupation, and the Vietnamese did it against the French and later the US.

    17. Syrian Islamic Revolutionary groups…..what Syrian Islamic revolutionary groups? Are there any independent ones left? You allege Daesh is a US/Alawi/Putin proxy because of that group capturing equipment, just like any group in any war before them has. But gulf governments who are open allies with the US, Israel, and taking western money are not puppets or proxies? Strange. And these ‘Islamic revolutionary groups’ every single one I have read of is openly taking money from Saudi and other gulf states who again, are openly allied with the US and Israel. Please list just ONE group what isn’t under one of the larger umbrella organizations. I haven’t been able to find one. I want Assad to be driven into the sea, but don’t see that happening…the gulf nations and western nations decided a couple years ago instead to have a ‘transitional’ internationally approved government. Look at how the Egyptian revolution turned out…the second Muslims got into power they conspired to destroy it. What a strange but unexpected article. Get off the bandwagon, we get enough anti Daesh articles in the rest of the media, it’s overdone. Call out these puppet governments and they puppet tyrants in your next article, or will they not allow such an article to be published here.

    • Islam21c is not on the ‘bandwagon.’ The fact you think so shows that this is probably one of the only articles on the website you’ve read. Be different to ISIS and the Shia Radifah and look at texts/sources/media wholistically.

      Saying that, here is a platform to condemn each and every evil in its own right. Your enemy’s enemy is not necessarily your friend, even if they share your tongue and proclaim your Aqidah.

      What the article discusses are not theories but observable activities. Your refutation is the opposite. And its length does not give it credence as the best speech is that which is short and to the point.

      • My comment was directed towards the author of the ‘article’, not islam21, as this article is an ‘editorial’ if I am not mistaken. I used the pronoun ‘you’, in my very first sentence. In comment under the one that you replied to, which was written first, I stated that it was the absolute worst article and most misinformed out of any I have seen in all my years subscribed to Islam21…which I have been reading for nearly a decade, as I generally find it beneficial and informative..so no, it wasn’t the only article I have read on here.

        Yes, most of my reply was meant to correct the outright false statements or gross leaps of logic, but I also wanted to know what group or group of rebels is considered ‘Islamic Revolutionary groups’, that the article speaks of. Since the very first part of the article claims that Daesh are agents and in a conspiracy with the ‘west’ and despotic regimes using hearsay…yet all the revolutionary ‘umbrella’ organizations, thus the units within them, openly admit to funding, training, arms from ‘despotic regimes and/or the west, and these governments also OPENLY admit to aiding them. Openly. Not strange, vague conspiracy theories. So the one thing I am left confused with, and would like an answer to, since the author didn’t specify, what groups he is referring to, what group or groups is the Islamic Resistance/Revolutionaries that he is speaking of. Could you please name a group that isn’t taking aid or in alliance with agents of the west or a despotic government? If you know them please, I am really curious and am sure other readers are as well.

        The length of my comment was dictated by going down the numbered list that was in the article and answering each. That should have been evident. And the ‘article’ does not ‘discuss observable activities’, at best it takes a fact such as the fall of Mosul and turns it into some bizarre conspiracy or wild claim. That necessitates at least a few sentences to try and explain what actually happened, due to lack of leadership in Iraqi military units that were in Mosul, and actions of low paid soldiers with no motivation who’s leaders fled or were absent entirely. Arab nations militaries, especially conscript units are known the world over for being paper tigers. 30 thousand soldiers who aren’t willing to risk death are worthless on the battlefield against a determined enemy. Morale is an important factor in any military engagement which is overlooked by most unfamiliar with it. Then the article was filled with flat out lies no one who even reads a newspaper would believe such as Daesh has not attacked Kurdish areas is patently false and shocking that it is made at all. That was true in mid 2014, but not for the last year and a half. And the claim that they have made takfeer on everyone but Iran. In it’s previous form decade ago, and it’s current form this group is well known for extreme views regarding shia using the labels mushriks and kuffar in a blanket fashion on them. And again, some of the odd claims that were made took battlefield maneuvering out of context. One doesn’t need to be a military science major, most anyone with an interest in military history should easily be able to understand some of the battlefield moves that Daesh has been making with its retreat from overwhelming force and attacks on softer areas. Any 4th gen war forces in the 20th century has survived doing the same, and if one wishes to see such tactics employed on a smaller scale on the battlefield by a standing army you can look at late world war 1 unit tactics the germans employed.

        • Ahrar al Shaam


          Nusra Front

          (You will claim subject to heresay that they receive funding from Saudi Arabia. Their leader has outright denied this so you [whoever you are] are not more believable)

          With that in mind, your friends Daesh have knarled at the strength of both Ahrar al Sham and Nusra and have rendered them both weaker against the regime and Hezbollah. This is well known.

          • Salam alikom brother Mazin, I hope you don’t mind a late response.

            Yes, you are likely correct about al nusra/al Qaeda not getting funding from western or gulf governments. We have all seen contrary ‘reports’, but they seem fabricated and baseless. Their position is unknown to me though in terms of what they are actually trying to achieve there. After ISIS rose up international attention has turned away for AQ. Their affiliate in Syria isn’t a terribly large group though, so I imagine they may run through private donations. Daesh of course has the natural resources and taxes from civilians and the movement of goods in the large area it controls to finance themselves. These other group likely are, especially the larger ones. After years of operating in a war ravaged economy without the resources under their control, these larger groups must have ‘sponsors’ for their millions of dollars to pay their fighters and finance their stream of weaponry as I have yet to see any of them capture large stores or weaponry. Ahrar al Sham though was in an umbrella organization that was Saudi funded. Not any more though, at least not officially, as far as I know. As for considering them an ‘Islamic resistance/revolutionary group I am unsure as they said they ‘would like’ an Islamic government to replace Assad but that it would be ‘determined by the mood of the people’ if that would happen or not. https://twitter.com/sayed_ridha/status/635771299151806465
            This is allegedly an official account of their which as been around for a couple years. A year or so ago you can find the post where they thank Turkey and Qatar for their support.

            A quick point, my friends aren’t Daesh, nor more than your friends would be such and such group by extension of you putting out factual information on them. If you will notice I corrected the brother that claimed the Libyan Belhadj was an ISIS leader, I’m sure they would like him to be, but currently he was a bounty on his head at the moment by them. I just think we should stick to the facts as much as possible when talking about these things, especially when concerning Muslims, avoiding slander/libel, making a group, or nation for that matter responsible for the actions of a few within it..if not for the sake of those we are talking about at least for the sake of our selves.

  6. Terrible article..awash with misinformation. I agree with ‘Asia’, how about writing an article about the Ummah suffering at the hands of the zionst backed Taghut and calling out these rulers for the disbelief and taking those other than Muslims as their allies. You have many to choose from, the murderous regime in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudis allowing the US to operate the drones from the Holy Land which kill innocent muslims on a DAILY basis. How about calling out the vile French for their continued aggression against muslims and the bombardment and killing of them in Mali….or are those topics not Kosher and safe? This isn’t about defending Daesh or any other militant group, deviant or otherwise, but not jumping on the freaking bandwagon attacking Muslims instead using your time and writings to attack the puppet regimes occupying Muslim lands, expose the racist athiestic Kurdish militants for taking advantage of their own young women, the thousands of practicing Kurds that are rounded up in ‘Kurdish’ territory now and the ethnic cleansing arabs from villages, calling out the murderous policies of western governments against Muslims, how about a scathing article calling for the elimination of the criminal regime of Israel, or one for the complete and total destruction of the Alawite death machine which has killed HALF A MILLION MUSLIMS. Sickening. Absolute worst article and misinformed I have ever seen in all my years subscribed to islam21. I will correct this article in my next comment.

  7. Only forgot to include that Deash casualties were being treated in Israel which is staunch enemy of Islamic Iran and close Allie of KSA.

    • Brother, those were al Qaeda linked Nusra fighters and western and Saudi backed ‘rebels’ being treated in Israel…in small numbers. Daesh didn’t have territory bordering Israel at the time. Later an affiliated group did briefly but Nusra and western backed rebels retook it shortly after.

  8. Assalaamu Alaikum ABDULLĀH LADADWI,

    You could probably add a few more suspicious facts about ISIS into this article.

    1) Baghdadi was released from Camp Bucca an American prison in Iraq – and allowed to openly recruit ex-baathist members whilst there.

    2) The Jordanian pilot killing turned public opinion in Jordan in favour of bringing Jordan into the coalition against ISIS. Rather the coalition against the general sunni majority.

    3) The ISIS leader in Libya AbdelHakim Belhadj had extensive help from the US in overthrowing Gaddafi. He’s been pictured receiving honorary rewards from Senator John Mccain.

    4) The amount of times the U.S. have accidentally dropped weapons into the hands of ISIS is not even believable anymore… not to mention the 30k strong Mosul army walking out under the command of U.S. agent Maliki.

    5) Suruc Massacre in Turkey to force Turkey into the coalition to use Incirlik Airbase to strike Syria/Iraq.

    6) Pakistani commander of ISIS – Yousaf al Salafi admitted receiving funds from the West.

    7) There has been many defections of armed and trained rebels in large groups, which clearly shows they were trained and armed for ISIS under the pretext of fighting them as a rebel fighter.

    And there’s many more but I can’t think of them right now.

    Kind Regards,

    Kam Kashem

    kamkashem .com

    • @Kam brother, 1. thousands of Iraqis were imprisoned and released in Camp Bucca. It was more an open air prison in many regards, not a maximum security hellhole like some prisons in the US, it was easy for prisoners to mix. No one was ‘allowed’ to do anything, guards were very few in ratio to prisoners as they always are and the prison was poorly organized. Islamists were not kept in their own areas and were housed with ‘nationalists’..unlike in prisons in the US were Muslim prisoners are kept in ‘restricted communication units’ (aka muslim isolation units so they can’t give dawah) Saddam actually had started an formal ‘Islamization’ program for many Baathist officials before the US invasion so it wasn’t really a big jump for them. 3. Belhadj was a founding member of the LIFG and AQ affiliated, he has never been ISIS/Daesh affiliated, any ‘help’ he personally got from the US in overthrowing the apostate tyrant Ghaddafi I don’t believe has ever been documented, just speculated about. Currently ISIS/Daesh has called for his death since he is engaging in politics and supported the new UN supported puppet government in Tripoli.
      4. Mosul was attacked by a coalition of ISIS/Daesh fighters with huge numbers of local sunni tribal fighters. Yes they were still outnumbered heavily but taking Mosul WAS NOT the objective, the main objective was freeing prisoners and attacking a few key security targets. Daesh and the allied tribal fighters were highly motivated…the 30 thousand rafida CONSCRIPTS were not. The Iraqi sectarian army troops were poorly paid, if at all and not ideologically motivated..many of their commanders fled or weren’t even there to begin with so the common soldier, although well equipped, dropped their uniforms and guns and ran. Daesh and allied tribal fighters took advantage of the sudden opportunity and seized the city.
      7. You are taking large leaps in logic with this one. Many fighters took advantage of western and US puppet governments training and weapons and then joined other groups. What Muslim would seriously take money and risk their lives to fight other muslims, even ‘extremists’ instead of the Assadist government..which entry to those training programs specified…that they would not attack Syrian government forces but instead Daesh and other Islamists.

  9. You are doing the same as what takfeeris do; slander and backbite fellow Muslims. Why not concentrate on highlighting the plight & suffering of the ummah at the hands of the tyrants and pharaohs of today?

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